Monday, 15 September 2014

Borrowing from boys

Androgynous doesn't always mean boyfriend's jeans or baggy shirt. You can also show your feminism by wearing those cute shoes. Lovely!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Our New Collection

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

DIY DRAMA necklace

Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace (zoom)
XXL Necklaces are a MUST to complete a good look this season. Big rhinestones, metal pieces and the mixture of gold and silver is no longer “NO NO”. Instead of investing a lot of money on one of these necklaces, why not do it yourself and recycle your old accessories … Yes! you heard! RECYCLED! Would you like this necklace that frames your face, draws attention and creates a shinny show on your neck? DIY DRAMA necklace!!
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace materials
  • Base (leather, plastic or felt)
  • Earrings (you already have to recycle)
  • Chains (you already have to recycle)
  • Rhinestones, crystals jewelry, buttons and studs
  • Transparent Strong Glue
  • Spray paint silver or gold
  • Scissors
  • Punch
  • Rings and jewelry closure
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace step 1
1. Make a half moon template and transfer the paper figure to the leather. Cut the shape of the base where you will glue all the accessories and beads. Punch holes every 2cm on top to mount the chain.
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace step 2
2. Paint this base with spray paint.
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace step 3
3. Let dry well. If you find metallic colored leather you can skip this painting step.
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace step 4
4. Start from the center working out to the sides. I glued an old chandelier earring in the middle as a centerpiece.
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace step 5
5. Border the center piece with chains or a strip of rhinestone glue it with the transparent glue.
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace step 6
6. Keep gluing the pieces the same on both sides. I mixed gold with silver pieces for a more interesting look.
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace step 7
7. Try gluing the pieces as close as possible. When you are finished with the large pieces, fill in the small gaps with diamonds and rhinestones with the help of a toothpick for better accuracy.
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace step 8
8. Divide the chain in half and mount a ring that will start in the middle of the leather base.
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace step 10
9. Mount with rings the chain to each hole of the leather base.
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace (with studs, rhinestones, chains, and old earrings)
Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace.
And you’re ready to wear it! It’s a bib necklace that combines perfectly with any color in your closet. The mixture of gold and silver metals gives it a very interesting look and it’s a piece that you can make by recycling the pieces of jewelry you no longer use.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

How To Style The Midi Skirt In 12 Ways

As it’s been proven time and time again by one of the world’s fashion capitals: New York that no piece should be given boundaries. Thus, their impeccable street style and knack for experimenting with fashion has paved the way for a new kind of must-try, an old-school elegance that’s been revamped to fit the modern times, the full midi skirt.
It is an often-misconstrued notion that they’re mainly used for evening events and galas. But actually, there are no barriers when you’d want to don the full midi skirt. And the beauty of the structure and flow of the skirt is that it breaks away from the typically worn skirts and it can be worn and molded according to any individual’s style. Here are a couple of ideas on how to style a full midi skirt.
Elegance With An EdgeLeather jacket + White collared polo + Statement necklace + Taffeta midi skirt + Black pumps
Comfort-Wear At It’s FinestSunglasses + Plain top + Printed midi skirt + Sneaker Brogues
A La Ms. BradshawPastel Shades + Striped long sleeves + Tulle midi skirt + Strapped heels
Lumber JillPlaid polo + Chunky belt + Satin midi skirt + Heeled loafers
Dainty in DenimCropped denim jacket + White midi skirt + Double-strapped heels + Colorful clutch
Corporate ChicClassic button down + Textured white midi skirt + Nude heels + Black and white accessories
Fourties VixenRound Shades + White Polo + Midi skirt + Bag that matches or contrasts the color of the skirt
Back to BasicsPlain crop top + Black midi skirt + Ankle strap heels +Simple hand bag
Lady HuesRetro shades + White button down + Bright midi skirt + Heels in a lighter color shade of the skirt
Wild SophisticationLeopard printed top + Chunky necklace + Simple midi skirt + Black or Nude heels + Black clutch
structured top
Casually ClassyDenim vest  + Tank top + Plain midi skirt + Plain pumps
Classy School GirlButton down + Pullover + Midi Skirt + Bow Heels
It’s needless to say that although pencil skirts can do the trick in making any woman accentuate their figure and make their ensemble look all the more chic, a full midi skirt can take a fashion girl’s elegance scale to a whole new level. It’s a playful and not-so conventional piece that will really grab everyone’s attention.


Monday, 1 September 2014

Get the Look: Preppy In Pastel

Sure, the weather has been gloomy lately, but that doesn’t mean that your wardrobe has to be dull and dark as well. Take advantage of the cool breeze brought by the rainy season and play around with layers. Brooks Brothers S/S ’14 shows us how a sweet and comfortable ensemble is done with its wide array of pretty pastel pieces. Add a subtle splash of color in your rainy day gear by trying out the look we have for you.
source : starstyle

Saturday, 30 August 2014

So Inspired : Peep Toe Ankle Boots

Kelly Ripa: These Boots Were Made For Sparkling

Kim Kadarshan with lacey peep toe ankle boots

Rosie Huntington wears her leather peep toe ankle boots

Scarlet Johansson on ELLE Magazine with nude peep toe ankle boots

Cara Delevingne at Selena Gomez 22nd birthday, with her peep toe ankle boots