Monday, 29 February 2016

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

8 Stylish Ways To Wear Sneakers Like A Celebrity

Sneakers have come a long way since it’s first invasion back on the runway shows in 2014. And it looks like the trend is going nowhere but up. With more and more styles from brands like Adidas and Nike, and other high-street and high-fashion labels, sneakers have made a permanent place in every girl’s wardrobe staples. Now, even celebrities have swapped their 5-inch heels for a pair of kicks.
With shoes so comfy and versatile, there are endless outfit options to choose from. But how do you stand out in a sea full of sneaker-wearing women? If you’re looking for a stylish, fail-proof way of wearing them, take inspiration from these celebrities (who have proved you can wear your sneakers anywhere and everywhere) below:
Anne Curtis
Anne Curtis@annecurtissmith
For those lazy days, pair a skirt and a comfy sweater  with your sneakers and make the look edgier with the trendy half-bun hairstyle.
Yassi Pressman
Yassi Pressman
We love how Yassi Pressman upgraded her T-shirt dress and white-sneaker combo with a printed jacket wrapped around her waist.
Belle DazaBelle Daza
Who says you can’t wear a cocktail dress with sneakers? Isabelle Daza proves you can in Yeezys.
Gabbi GarciaGabbi Garcia
When in doubt, throw on a leather jacket to dress up any sneaker outfit like Gabbi Garcia.
Maxene MagalonaMaxene Magalona
To keep things playful, don a ’90s look à la Maxene Magalona with a denim skirt and crop top. Add a bright-colored bag for the full effect.
Georgina WilsonGeorgina Wilson
Take cues from Georgina Wilson and dress down an LBD with sneakers, sunglasses, and a stylish fedora for the ultimate summer getaway outfit.
Martine CajucomMartine Cajucom
Afraid you’ll look like a 5th grader in this outfit? With sneakers and dungarees, the trick is always the attitude (and really good hair). Martine Cajucom knows it.
Kim JonesKim Jones
If you’ve ever wondered how to look chic in sneakers, just look to Kim Jones and wear a turtleneck with a midi skirt.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Hot Trend All The Celebrities Are Wearing

Last year, the ’90s was everywhere. You couldn’t find a day when you won’t see a girl wearing Birkenstocks, overalls, a choker, or a crop top. This year, the ’70s is finally having its moment. From Yassi Pressman to Coleen Garcia, more and more celebs are embracing the groovy era with the ultimate ’70s staple: the flare pants. And as a result? We’re dedicating a whole day in the mall to find the perfect pair. With its ability to elongate legs, we’re not wasting any more time to buy them either. So move over culottes, ‘cos the flare pants are taking over.
Take a look at the celebs who have recently included them in their wardrobe and then tell me you don’t want a pair yourself.
Yassi Pressman
Yassi Pressman

Anne Curtis-Smith
Anne Curtis-Smith

Sam Pinto
Sam Pinto

Coleen Garcia
Coleen Garcia

Jasmine Curtis-Smith
Jasmine Curtis-Smith
Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Sofia Andres
Sofia Andres
Sofia Andres

Gabbi Garcia
Gabbi Garcia
Gabbi Garcia

Thursday, 18 February 2016


black tassel choker
I feel like I’ve DIY’d far too many chokers lately, but this one is just so fun I couldn’t help it. The tassel trim was from my DIY Tassel Curtains {originally in my old office/dressing room and NOW in my Reading Room} and this small pieces was all I had left, so I had to make it work. If if were a bit longer, my DIY would have been exactly the same as my Lace Choker DIY, finished with a frog closure, but since I didn’t have that option, I had to get crafty. With D-rings on the ends though, you can really choose anything to close it with. Below I showed it with a simple ribbon technique and a vintage plastic chain link I stole from another necklace, but a chain, leather lacing, or anything you can think of can be used instead. Aside from velcro, the easiest option would just be to use a frog fastener, and they’re so pretty too.
This doesn’t fall into my Fall Fashion DIY Hacks category but it does kind of all under “Interiors” if you consider this is upholstery trim 😉 {but also hints at Tom Ford}

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Tassel Choker_1
  • Tassel trim, the more detailed the better
  • Matching thread/needle/scissors
Closure of choice…
  • Frog closure for easiest, unless you just use velcro, then that, technically, is easiest, but not necessarily the most profesh looking.
  • D-rings if you’re going to follow my steps below
  • Ribbon or
  • Chain/Clasp – closure of choice

 DIY Tassel Choker_2
If you have enough trim, measure the circumference of your neck and cut accordingly.
IF you’d prefer a frog closure, follow the easy steps from my Lace Choker DIY
Otherwise, loop the ends of your tassel trim through your D-Rings and stitch in place so your rings stay firmly in place.
DIY Tassel Choker_3
It will look like this.
From here, you can use any closure that will suffice.
A ribbon is the simplest… you thread it through both rings then back around and tie it in a pretty bow or knot. Leave your ends as long or as short as you like.
DIY Tassel Choker_4
With a ribbon…
DIY Tassel Choker_7
Use a chain by linking the ends to the the D-ring and applying a clasp closure on the opposite end. Let your chain hang as long as you like down the back of your neck.
DIY Tassel Choker_5
Using a vintage plastic chain link stolen from an old necklace…
 DIY Tassel Choker_6

And… Voila!

DIY Tassel Choker _ lace top

Have Fun!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Sneakers may not be on top of your list when we talk fashion and glamour but we all know every girl needs one. Sneakers are the perfect alterative if you want to give your precious feet a break from wearing all those sky-high heels. They’re also a great way to complete a casual outfit and helps heaps when you want to just dress down something that you think is too girly.
Most sneakers come in plain colors though there are some that also come with good styles and designs. However, this is not a guarantee that you will like these styles and designs. Some of your outfits may just need a certain special design on girly sneakers to make it complete. If you can’t find the perfect girly sneakers for your outfit, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with these cute ideas for DIY girly sneakers. Read on and take your pick!
  • DIY glitter sneakers – what could be more girly and glamorous than things that shimmer and shine?  Whether you want something that sparkles in the day when you’re out and about or something that would shine at night when you’re partying, glitter sneakers are the perfect choice for comfortable and glamorous casual footwear.
glitter sneakers diygold glitter sneakers

Sunday, 14 February 2016

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

9 Valentine’s Day Outfits for the Fashion-Forward Girl

For all the ladies who will find themselves with a date on the 14th, coming up with the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit can be daunting. If the LBD doesn’t appeal to you anymore and you want to look extra special, bringing out the fashion girl in you is the way to go. Check out these fresh and on-trend looks that you can easily copy on a Sunday brunch date or a fancy dinner rendezvous.
1. On a special night out, go for a flowy maxi skirt and balance this floor-sweeping piece with a basic sweater.
10 Valentine's Day Outfits for the Fashion-Forward Girl
2. Going from desk to dinner? Try an office-appropriate look while adding a sexy touch with a slit skirt and strappy heels.
10 Valentine's Day Outfits for the Fashion-Forward Girl
3. Try a trendy look with an off-the-shoulder neckline and a dress-over-pants combo that will surely give your #OOTN an interesting twist.
10 Valentine's Day Outfits for the Fashion-Forward Girl
4. For an effortlessly put together look, pick a printed dress with a loose silhouette and fiery red booties.
5. Not a fan of color? Go ahead and stick to your monochrome palette with a tea-length dress and that pair of heels you’ve been saving for a special occasion.
10 Valentine's Day Outfits for the Fashion-Forward Girl
6. You can never go wrong with a slip dress to up your sensuous appeal. Pair it with minimalistic heels and a rosy lip for that no-fuss, amorous vibe.
10 Valentine's Day Outfits for the Fashion-Forward Girl
7. If you’re going on a Sunday brunch date, a denim-on-denim outfit is a perfect daytime look. Tie a silk scarf around your neck for an on-trend touch.
10 Valentine's Day Outfits for the Fashion-Forward Girl
8. Take your feminine style to a sexier level by opting for lace pieces in dark hues.
10 Valentine's Day Outfits for the Fashion-Forward Girl
9. For the girl with sass, go for a feathery skirt and pair it with a white button-down and neutral heels.

Rainny Day Outfit


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Monday, 8 February 2016


DIY open shoulder sweater
I DIY’d this sweater last Friday in under ten minutes and wore it out that night… in this exact outfit actually.
I made it because my little shoulder tattoo was still healing and I couldn’t wear a regular bra strap over it or anything that rubbed it because it was slightly irritated at the time. So I whipped it up, threw on my T-strap lace bra – which followed the neck and open shoulders pretty seamlessly, and felt comfy all night.
This happens to be the same style sweater I used for my DIY Open Back Sweater with Big Pins inspired by Versace but in navy instead of black. They were on sale for $10 and were so nice that I bought two black ones and one navy one, thinking I’d eventually use them for DIYs or wear them. This navy one has been sitting in my sweater drawer with the tags on it until last Friday. And now it’s got a whole new look!
What I love about this look is that because of the heavy and loose drape of the sweater, it has a really easy feel to it. It’s comfortably casual, but still chic and pretty.

Here’s What You Need…

DIY Open Shoulders Sweater_1
  • Sweater / preferably with shoulder seams from the neck to the arm
  • Matching thread + needle
  • Scissors


DIY Open Shoulders Sweater_2
Using a sharp pair of little scissors, CAREFULLY cut the top shoulder seam from neck to arm WITHOUT cutting into the neck or arm seams.
NOTE: If your shoulder doesn’t have a shoulder seam, you’ll have to try it on and measure where exactly the top of the shoulder hits, mark it, then cut it, following the step above.
DIY Open Shoulders Sweater_3
Roll the edges of your open knit under twice so that the raw edge is completely hidden.
DIY Open Shoulders Sweater_4-1
Beginning at the neck, run an easy straight hand stitch along the roll, making sure the smallest amount of thread shows on top and the larger stitches are hidden beneath. Make sure to finish the neck and arm points so that it looks completely smooth.
NOTE: depending on the type of knit of your sweater, you may see a few puckers along your sides, just be careful not to pull too tightly while stitching… keep it nice and loose, but secure.
And really, that’s it!

And… Voila!

blue monochromatic_diy cut out shoulder sweater_low pony with a bow

Sweater with cut out shoulders_ jeans_over the knee flat bootscut out shoulder sweater

DIY Open shoulder cut out sweater _  low ponytail
Wearing: Blank Denim skinny jeans // Ted & Muffy ‘Comet’ boots in navy suede {ON SALE NOW from $600 to $240 – I almost want to get them in black!} // Marc Jacobs sunglasses // Balenciaga classic town bagfrom What Goes around Comes Around // Borghese ColorStruck lipstick in “Release”
Borghese ColorStruck lipstick in Release_Open shoulder sweater

Have Fun!