Sunday, 30 April 2017

Misyelle Denova Sling

Yuk kenalin produk baru dari Misyelle yang bakal bikin kamu makin stylish, Misyelle Denova Sling! Tas sling dengan detil rumbai unik di bagian depanini, sangat cocok untuk suasana santai. Pada bagian dalamnya terdapat 2 kantong untuk tempat handphone dan 1 kantong beretsleting tambahan. Tersedia dalam 2 warna black, dan pink.
Yuk buruan diorder!

Price: IDR 229.900,00 
Color: black, pink
Size: 25x24x9


Inspired by this pretty furry bracelet/cuff by Edaisyt I found on Pinterest, I thought I’d make my own… but with feathers.
I had a little section of leftover feather trim from The Feather Place after making my DIY Feather Pendant Canopy which is still above my bed in the master, and thought I’d give it a go. The feathers are a bit long, but it makes it dramatic and so pretty. I can imagine it would be better for special occasions or events, but it was simple enough to make with a big impact… and really, it’s just pretty.


furry pink bracelet cuff

Here’s What You’ll Need…

  • Feather trim, fur or faux fur trim, 1-1/2-3″ in length
  • A chain or rhinestone bracelet
  • Strong thread or thin twine
  • Scissors, needle


Run your thread through your feather trim to secure it. This is a good time secure the actual trim as well, if it’s a little loose. 
Center your trim with the center of your bracelet and run your thread through a chain or link, and back through your feather trim.
Continue stitching it to your bracelet until the end. Knot your thread, then beginning at the middle again, stitch until you get to the opposite end.
If your trim is long enough to go from end to end, you can probably begin at one end or the other. Mine was a little short so I wanted to make sure it was perfectly even and would wrap around my wrist and hand properly while aligning with the bracelet.

And… Voila!

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Misyelle New Arrivals

Rock this April with our newest collection : EARTH COLOUR
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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

4 Ways to Layer During the Summer

We know what you’re thinking—layering during the summer? Cray. For the ladies who love to layer no matter the weather, it’s clearly unavoidable even in this unbearable heat. But layering in the summer doesn’t have to be dreadful, so put aside your worries, because we’re providing you with some layering hacks that are perfect for summertime.
Scroll down for 4 layering ideas to get you by this hot summer season:

1. Opt for pieces made with sheer or lightweight materials

photo via @syanafromparis
photo via @syanafromparis
photo via @dallastyle
photo via @dallastyle
Wardrobe pieces made out of lightweight fabrics will be your best bet in making room for extra layers in your summer outfit. Use them wisely!

2. Reinvent the way you wear a jacket

photo via @sincerelyjules
photo via @sincerelyjules
photo via @mystyleandgrace
photo via @mystyleandgrace
Who says jackets are useless in the summer? Tie your jacket around your waist or just drape them over your shoulders for an instant layering trick.

3. Invest in a good sleeveless coat

photo via @natymichele
photo via @natymichele
photo via @songofstyle
photo via @songofstyle
If you’re looking for a more composed layering trick for summer, simply add a sleeveless coat to the equation. Business-chic and summer-friendly layering? Check!

4. Make overalls a thing again

photo via @justgohwithit
photo via @justgohwithit
photo via @elleyamada
photo via @elleyamada
Bring out your denim overalls and layer them over an off-shoulder top for a no-fuss ensemble. Easy, breezy.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Selena Gomez’s Latest Outfits Are So Easy to Copy

All-around icon Selena Gomez has a solid rep when it comes to street style. Lately, she’s been spotted out and about wearing ensembles that are stylish, easy, and flattering. Whether she’s going on a coffee run or spending time with her new beau The Weeknd, her style is as effortlessly chic as ever. Lucky for us, Selena’s fashion picks are so easy to pull off in real life! Scroll through and get inspired by 6 of her latest outfits below:
Bring out your ugly/cute sweater and pair it with cropped flares and feminine heels for an unexpectedly chic look.
Classic staples never lose their charm. For your weekend errand run, the easiest way to go is throwing on a boyfriend shirt and slipping into your favorite pair of skinnies.
Selena Gomez 2
Going on a lunch date? Take your statement dress out for a spin and tone it down with your go-to white sneakers.
Cropped turtleneck, pinstriped trousers, and leather slip-ons. Need we say more?
Bomber jackets are still a thing as far as Selena is concerned. Pick out a floral-print one and style it with a body suit, cropped jeans, and a pair of ankle-strap heels.
Selena Gomez T-Shirt and Jeans
How do you update a T-shirt and jeans look? Easy. Just add statement sunglasses and a neckerchief.

Sunday, 2 April 2017


I was scrolling through my Instagram feed last Thursday or Friday and Chiara (creator of The Blond Salad) popped up in this adorable pearled hoodeie sweatshirt which is from her 2017/2018 collection… and I immediately thought I HAVE TO MAKE THIS. I don’t think hers is available for purchase yet and mine most probably does not compare (for instance, mine is a a little looser/sloppier and doesn’t have her eye logo), BUT it’s still really cute and gives this old hooded sweatshirt brand new life.


Chiara Ferragni collection / Pearl Hooded Sweatshirt ~ DIY
P H O T O | Chiara Ferragni Collection via Instagram
S H O P | Chiara Ferragni shoes

What You’ll Need…

pearl hooded sweatshirt DIY
  • Loose-fitting but heavy/thick hooded sweatshirt (without stretch in the hood)
  • Large craft pearls… and small
  • Matching thread & Needle
  • Scissors


pearl hooded sweatshirt
PS. This is a REALLY simple DIY… though a bit time consuming.
  • Begin at the top/center of your hood and work down each side to ensure your pearls line up correctly.
  • Thread your needle, run it through the near-edge of the fabric of your hoodie (about 1/8″ in), string a large pearl, stitch it into place. Knot your thread to secure each pearl.
  • Continue each individual pearl, spacing them appropriately.
  • You may choose to keep the pearls a little loose OR string them tightly so they don’t move. I created mine somewhere in between.
  • NOTE: I ran out of large pearls, so I used smaller ones near the bottom, though I think it actually worked out nicely.

And… Voila!

DIY pearl hooded sweatshirt
pearl hooded sweatshirt
pearl hooded sweatshirt
pearl hooded sweatshirt
pearl hooded sweatshirt

Saturday, 1 April 2017

5 Fresh Ways to Wear Your Off-The-Shoulder Top

We know for sure that every girl owns one or more off-the-shoulder tops just because we can’t deny its endless versatility and summer-ready silhouette. We’ve seen it countless times on the runways, the streets, and down to our favorite retail stores. And we understand if you may be struggling to find new ways to elevate this flattering piece, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you choose to recreate your old ones or add more to your collection, this shoulder-baring top is about to get a fresher look. Here are 5 ways to spice up this summer staple:
1. Wear it with overalls.
Here’s a look you should try in your next summer destination. Try a more fun, casual vibe by throwing off a baseball cap, bumblebee shades, and choker. If you want to add more glam, opt for a pair of striking stilettos.
jessica wang off the shoulder outfit
Photo via @notjessfashion
2. Go for a monochromatic look.
If you’re tired of florals and stripes then try associating your solid-colored top with this timeless trend: the monochromatic outfit. You may also complete the look by adding a pop of color or an eye-catching accessory.
lavenda off the shoulder outfit
Photo via @lavendascloset
3. Style it with a belt.
You may opt for a leather belt or even a rope to define your waist. Doing this will make your casual outfit more flatteringly stylish – perfect for any weekend brunch.
talene shahinian off the shoulder outfit
Photo via @taleneshahinian
talene shahinian off the shoulder outfit_
Photo via @taleneshahinian
4. Layer it with a tube dress.
Being creative with your OOTD goes a long way. Who would have thought that these two are a perfect match? If you want to be experimental then this look is a must-try.
jennifer lane off the shoulder outfit
Photo via @publicistinpearls
5. Throw on a vest.
With its polished look, wearing a vest creates an effortlessly chic ensemble that will get you through any lunch meetings or even a night out.
ceyda yerli off the shoulder outfit
Photo via @jdaoutfit
ceyda yerli off the shoulder outfit_
Photo via @jdaoutfit
Featured image via