Friday, 31 March 2017

Steal Selena Bags!

Selena memang selalu fashionable ya, Misyellelovers. Lihat aja gayanya yang satu ini, dengan atasan poncho bergaya bohemian, skinny black jeans lengkap dengan over-knee boots. Makin terlihat kece ya Misyellelovers!

Kamu bisa loh bergaya chic seperti Selena. Gampang banget kan OOTD-nya? Jangan lupa handbag yang bakal semakin melengkapi OOTDmu. Tas nya? Tentu dari Misyelle dong!

Cek tas Misyelle satu ini ya. Dijamin gayamu makin sempurna.
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Wednesday, 29 March 2017


An easy way to update a simple wallet, clutch or small leather good… or simply to add your own personality and individuality to it. It’s easy and quick and the design is only dependent upon your imagination!


* Leather or faux leather wallet {Mine is a Christopher Kon Double Zip Wallet in coral from GILT}
Sharpie metallic paint pen {I used gold}
Painter’s tape


* Rip or cut your painter’s tape into strips.

* Using the original edge of the tape, create your stripes {or any design you like}.

* Create a chevron design with small pieces of tape angled into triangles.

* Fill in the blank spaces with your Sharpie paint pen, let dry and remove your tape.

* Hand paint your dots or your design of choice. Let dry… it dries quickly actually.



Monday, 27 March 2017

Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi

Selamat Tahun Baru Saka 1939, Semoga Hyang Widhi Wasa senantiasa melimpahkan wara nugraha-NYA kepada kita semua.

6 Killer Outfit Ideas To Wear To Work This Week

Another week, another set of clothes to prepare in the morning. I know right, sigh. But if you’ve been feeling lackluster in the office lately, maybe it’s time you changed things up in the style department. So while there’s nothing wrong with wearing your usual outfit formula (basic top, pants, and heels), power dressing in the office can totally change your attitude towards your work. So if you want to dress to impress this week or everyday for the rest of the year, we’re here to help.
Below, we’ve listed 6 outfit combinations from the recent fashion month that will enhance your usual 9-to-5 looks come Monday morning. Keep scrolling to find your work wardrobe for the week:

Turtleneck + Culottes + Statement Heels

Camila Coelho Style
Photo via @camilecoelho

White Tee + Skinny Jeans + Belt + Blazer + Pumps

Aimee Song Style
Photo via @songofstyle

Sweater + Pencil Skirt + Socks + Loafers

Gala Gonzalez Style
Photo via @galagonzalez

Printed Top + Striped Blazer + Wide Leg Pants + Heels

Chriselle Lim Style
Photo via @chrisellelim

Button-Down + Bomber Jacket + Neckerchief + Jeans + Boots

Jiawa Liu Style
Photo via @beigerenegade

Sweater + Printed Pants + Blazer + Pumps

Blair Eadie Style
Photo via @blaireadiebee

Sunday, 26 March 2017


barefoot sandal diy, shoes, pumps, shoe DIYs
A simple and fun way to add a little drama to your bare feet… however, I love the barefoot sandal even more when worn with a pair of classic pumps! Simply wrapped around my foot and ankle, I can wear any shoes {even ballet flats} and give them an entirely new look at relatively no cost.


* Leather lace {I’m using a black suede leather lace} But a bright pinkpurplelime green or white would be fun too!
* Scissors


* Cut two pieces of leather lacing depending on how high you want them to wrap on your leg. I made mine just over 60″ each.

* With the center of the leather under your second toe, bring each side forward and cross over… bring them back and around your ankle {just under your ankle bone} and cross your lace in the back, bringing the sides back around to the front.

* You can simply cross your lace over each other or create a little design like I did by looping the laces around each other, then back around my leg…

* …and criss-crossing them in the back. I wanted the tie to be in the back as well. If yours is too long you can simply trim it or just tuck it under. Lace it tight enough to stay up but loose enough that it doesn’t cut into your skin or create bulges.
Wear them with simple pumps or flats to add detail or with bare feet! You don’t have to stick to leather either! A fun ribbon or even detailed embellishment trim {like tiny tassels!} in a metallic would be fun too.



Friday, 24 March 2017

New Arrival Gloris Sling

Gloris Sling

Tas sling dengan desain yang unik. Memiliki tali panjang yang dapat dilepas dan diadjust. Pada bagian dalam terdapat 2 kantong untuk tempat handphone dan 1 kantong beretsleting tambahan. Tersedia dalam 2 warna black, dan brown
IDR 249.900
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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

8 Outfits to Copy If You’re Still Obsessed with Skinny Jeans

Remember the days when skinny jeans took over your closet like it was the only acceptable pair of bottoms that you can ever wear? While it’s fun to experiment with different silhouettes now, we have to admit that we will always come back to this forever piece especially when we’re going for a no-fuss look.
But if you think that they’re too basic for your fashion girl taste, then we suggest you think twice because we just found the fashion blogger who’s making skinny jeans look chic again. Amy Jackson of Fashion Jackson literally lives in them and her incredibly easy yet genius outfit choices inspire us to bring this wardrobe staple back in rotation.
Check out our favorite looks from this style pro and never ditch your skinnies again!
Amy Jackson 1
Wear it with a crisp white top and accessories in muted tones for an easy daytime look.
Amy Jackson 7
Go for a lace trimmed camisole and top it off with a blazer for an office-appropriate ensemble.
Amy Jackson 4
Style it with a bell-sleeved top and a structured vest to make a statement.
Amy Jackson 5
A white blouse, camel colored blazer, and black jeans make for a chic palette.
Amy Jackson 9
Try a trending piece like an asymmetric ruffled top to elevate your trusty skinnies.
Amy Jackson 3
Bring out a layering trick to make your skinny jeans feel fresh again.
Amy Jackson 2
Get cozy with a slinky top and a cardigan for a the perfect weekend outfit combo.
Amy Jackson 6
For a date night or mid-week cocktails with your girls, go for a sheer black top and a pair of flirty heels.

Misyelle New OOTD
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Wednesday, 8 March 2017


These are one of two pairs of ballet flats in my closet… the other pair are actual ballet slippers. It’s not that I don’t like them, I do, but I have the hardest time finding a pair that not only fit my feet correctly, but that stay on and that I can actually walk in. I know it sounds crazy but for instance, I love these little silk printed flats from J Crew, but the heel slips off when I walk and then smashes under my heel {see photo below}…

So my solution? Add a simple, but pretty, little elastic ankle strap. Here’s how I did it…


* Ballet flats in fabric or thin leather… anything you can get a needle through easily.
* Elastic. I used a thin elastic, with a pretty detail because it matched the piping and bow of these particular flats however, a larger elastic would be cute as well. Let your shoes be your guide and follow their style. Look for a softer elastic with a detail or a pretty “fancy” elastic trim.
* Needle/Thread/Scissors


* Simply measure out how much elastic you will need to fit around your ankle snugly but without squeezing and pinching your skin. Measure about a half an inch extra on each side.

* Overlap your 1/2″ extra elastic by creating a circle and hand-stitch it to the heel of your shoe. This will work best on a shoe with black piping or something similar, as it will completely conceal all of your stitches.

NOTE: You may also {and instead} choose to create a loop with any fabric or leather that sticks up from the heel of your shoe and run a ribbon or lace or buckled piece through it and around your ankle.



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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Adisty Ransel

Tas ransel dengan flap penutup dan kancing tembaga. Dapat dikenakan sebagai ransel ataupun sling. Pada bagian dalam terdapat 2 kantong untuk tempat handphone dan 1 kantong beretsleting tambahan. Tersedia dalam 2 warna black, dan brown
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Sunday, 5 March 2017

8 Trends Every Street Style Star is Wearing Right Now

During fashion week, the freshest trends are put on major display not just on the runways but in the streets as well. This season, we’ve spotted a few pieces that dominated the wardrobes of show goers who we can always count on to be ahead of the game. And for a quick trend report, athleisure is still alive and kicking with hoodies and track pants being elevated to fashion girl status. The ever-trending Gucci logo shirt is also a staple, while suits are a popular pick among those who want to make a classic statement.
Check out more of the trends that everyone seems to be crazy about this season below:

1. Hoodies

Hoodie 7
Hoodie 6
Hoodie 14
Hoodie 13
Hoodie 11
Hoodie 9
Hoodie 4
Hoodie 5
Hoodie 12

2. Gucci Logo Shirt

Logo Shirt 6
Logo Shirt 5
Logo Shirt 2
Logo Shirt 7
Logo Shirt 9
Logo Shirt 8
Logo Shirt

3. Patent Pants

Patent Pants 7
Patent Pants 4
Patent Pants 5
Patent Pants 3
Patent Pants 2
Patent Pants 6

4. Fishnets

Fishnets 7
Fishnets 2
Fishnets 6
Fishnets 5
Fishnets 3

5. Suits

Suit 3
Suit 7
Suit 6
Suit 8
Suit 4
Suit 5
Suit 2

6. Track Pants

Track Pants 6
Track Pants 5
Track Pants 4
Track Pants 7
Track Pants
Track Pants 3
Track Pants 2

7. Plaid + Jeans

Plaid and Jeans 2
Plaid and Jeans 3
Plaid and Jeans 4
Plaid and Jeans
Plaid and Jeans 5

8. Stirrup Pants

Stirrup Pants 5
Stirrup Pants
Stirrup Pants 2
Stirrup Pants 3
Stirrup Pants 4