Friday, 31 October 2014

Show Me Your Misyelle #2 Winner

Here comes the winner!

Misyellelovers setuju kan kalau Reekurnia pantes jadi juara SMYM #2? Misyelle suka banget dengan tas pilihan fashionista yang satu ini. Yup, Lavienner satchel!
Pingin kaya Reekurnia? yuk ikutan SMYM season 3. Stay tune ya!

Basic Look

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Downsizing is Chic And So Are Mini Bags

This time around, the fashionable thing to do is “the smaller, the better” as far as your bag-carrying self is concerned. So, by all means, it’s high time to consider downsizing your purse because mini bags happen to be one of the hottest trends these days especially in the fall season. From miniature designer totes to the smallest of sling bags, fashion addicts everywhere are spotted strutting the streets with light baggage.
Small Bags_14Small Bags_10
Nicolas Ghesquière might be partly to blame for this mini bag trend as his Petite Malle bag for Fall-Winter 2014 has been one of the most coveted bags of the season. As mini bags are your hottest ticket this season, we are guiding you on how to do it with these street style ensembles. If you’re always on the move and your arms get sore from lifting heavy bags, this new ubiquitous trend on the accessory department is a certain plus. These totes can simply do a lipstick, a small Moleskine notebook and a credit card case and you’re good to go. We reckon that it’s definitely time to hit the streets carrying the bare minimum.
Small Bags_5Small Bags_20_Ryan Kibler
Small Bags_6Small Bags_13Small Bags_1Small Bags_11Small Bags_2
Photos via Kuba Dabrowski and Ryan Kibler

source : starstyle

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sunday, 19 October 2014


This is a fairly straight forward tutorial for a lined zippered pouch. 
I love this one because it's just the right size for your necessities, 
and it would be a perfect bag inside of a bag for traveling and such. 
Who says you can't travel in style? Silliness. 

- Holographic fabric paper (felt aisle in Hobby Lobby) or holographic leather

First, cut the leather/fabric paper in half, and the lining into two pieces with 
measurements 5.5" by 4.5".
Line up one piece of lining behind the zipper, flush to the edge, as shown
Then lay a piece of the holographic fabric face down on top of the zipper, 
lining it up with the same edges. Pinning is not a bad idea here, but I didn't 
have much trouble free-handing it. Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance

Once those pieces have been sewed together, flip both fabrics to the other side 
and top-stich with about 1/4" allowance again. Take care to make sure your lining 
fabric isn't bunching up underneath while you sew. This will ensure the lining won't 
get caught up in the zipper. Repeat these steps for the other side.

Now comes the hardest part; sewing over the zipper. Here the holographic fabric 
goes right sides together, and lining pieces together. Unzip your zipper a little bit 
over halfway, otherwise you won't be able to flip it. Make sure your zipper is folded 
towards the holographic fabric, meaning the teeth will be towards the lining fabric. 
I started sewing at the bottom of the lining (bottom right corner of the photo) and 
over the part of the zipper where there weren't teeth to sew over. 
Continue around the edges until you reach the zipper. Now, go slowly, and use the 
wheel to manually sew over the zipper. If you reach a part where the needle won't go 
through, pick up the foot, and adjust as necessary until the needle makes it past the 
rough patch. Leave at least 4 inches open at the bottom of the lining.

Trim each corner, especially the holographic fabric, to make nice corners when 
you flip it. Now, reach your hand into the gap of the lining, through the zipper, 
to the holographic fabric and pull it through the hole in the lining. IT'S LIKE MAGIC. 
You can handsew or machine sew the lining closed. Now, that wasn't so hard was it? 
Show it off, or make one for all of your friends! I know you want to.


Friday, 17 October 2014

Gold Temptation

We can't stand of gold! Gold color will give you a glamour and gorgeous impression. That's why we dig for it, aren't we?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The List: #OOTD Picks of the Month

Maggie Wilson (@wilsonmaggie)
We all have those days when we feel like our wardrobe choices are a bit lackluster. But thank god for Instagram, because a simple tap on the #OOTD hashtag can easily boost your style senses. Look no further as these stars give you a hot lead with their stylish snapshots. Bea Alonzo and Maggie Wilson show us how to travel in tiptop style, while Martine Cajucom serves us a play on prints and a pair of killer Choo’s.
For more inspiration, here’s our round-up of celebs who hit a home run in this month’s #OOTD game.

bea alonzo
Bea Alonzo (@beaalonzo)
Kim Jones (@kimcamjones)
martine cajucom2
Martine Cajucom (@ilovemartine)
Janine Gutierrez (@janinegutierrez)
kiana valenciano3
Kiana Valenciano (@kianavee)
tricia centenera2
Tricia Centenera (@triciacentenera)
nicole andersson
Nicole Andersson (@nicole_andersson)
kath bernardo
Kathryn Bernardo (@bernardokath)

source : starstyle

Thursday, 9 October 2014

10 On-Trend Boots to Pick Up This Season

The colder months just rolled in, and what better way to be fully geared for the temperature drop than to slip into this season’s trendiest boots? If you want to keep your feet dry or strut with a little more edge, a good pair of boots is every girl’s fall wardrobe staple. From comfy Chelsea’s to stacked heels, here’s a selection of investment-worthy pairs that will give you a look that’s très chic.

Dune Pandas (1)
kate spade new york Sedgewick Ankle Rain Boot


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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Our wish list

Still in love with the nude, we're wishing with this items for this month :
1. Nude Jelly Shoes - very comfort, we sure we won't use this cute thing after rainy day.
2. Stud Folded Bags - simple but elegant, we always love this 2 words. Do you Misyellelovers?
3. Pink Lip Gloss - sure no one want to look pale right? If you too lazy to do make up, just paint your lip with this color. Lovely!
4. Pink Blazer - Baby it's cold outside! Since cold weather has come, blazer will complete our days. Perfect.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Nude Color Everywhere

Jessica Alba make chic sartorial statement as she heads to work

Michelle Williams stars in the new LOUIS VUITTON Campaign modelling the Capucines bag in nude color.

Style Stalker Reptilia Blouse - as seen on Kim Kardashian

Jessica Alba nude color tote bag

Kelly Rutherford Hermes tote bag

source : pinterest