This time around, the fashionable thing to do is “the smaller, the better” as far as your bag-carrying self is concerned. So, by all means, it’s high time to consider downsizing your purse because mini bags happen to be one of the hottest trends these days especially in the fall season. From miniature designer totes to the smallest of sling bags, fashion addicts everywhere are spotted strutting the streets with light baggage.
Small Bags_14Small Bags_10
Nicolas Ghesquière might be partly to blame for this mini bag trend as his Petite Malle bag for Fall-Winter 2014 has been one of the most coveted bags of the season. As mini bags are your hottest ticket this season, we are guiding you on how to do it with these street style ensembles. If you’re always on the move and your arms get sore from lifting heavy bags, this new ubiquitous trend on the accessory department is a certain plus. These totes can simply do a lipstick, a small Moleskine notebook and a credit card case and you’re good to go. We reckon that it’s definitely time to hit the streets carrying the bare minimum.
Small Bags_5Small Bags_20_Ryan Kibler
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Photos via Kuba Dabrowski and Ryan Kibler

source : starstyle