Wednesday, 30 December 2015

SPRING 2016'S TOP BAG TRENDS from Harpers Bazaar

High fashion is embracing tech—your post-modern clutches are now equipped for your iPhone 6.
Pictured: Saint Laurent

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Quick Fix - Reconstructed Vintage Boots

  • Laundry
  • Clean apartment
  • Closet audit
  • Prepack
  • Re-Prepack
  • Completely change mind on what to pack and feel compelled to buy a whole new wardrobe just for the week

  • Old pair of boots
  • Scissors
  • Invisible thread
  • Needle
  •   Snip (making sure the zipper is all the way down)
  • Zip up as high as it will go as a measure to see where to begin sewing
  • Using the invisible thread, sew the two ends together going over the teeth.  This will make sure the zipper won't come off while you're wearing it so go ahead sew a few extra stitches

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Monday, 28 December 2015

Shop Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2016

This 2016, Pantone has us looking forward to a year of pastel-hued tranquility with not one but two colors – Rose Quartz and Serenity. A warm rosy hue and a cool blue tone, this duo is a combination meant to calm the senses and get back in touch with simplicity through basic, everyday pieces. According to Pantone, these colors also reflect fashion’s new gender neutral era which can be translated to androgynous silhouettes and loose-fitted staples.
With that said, here are our top fashion and beauty picks to help you start the year fresh with a clean and composed sensibility.

Ballerina Trim Top, P695, Bershka
Loose Fit TrousersPhp959.00Zara

Glittery TopPhp899.00H&M
Flowy Long Dress, P4,950Mango
Mini City Bag, P2,595, Zara
Champion Ombre Shoes, Php1177.25Keds

Lug Sole LoafersPrice unavailableCharles & Keith

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Friday, 25 December 2015

Misyelle Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Misyelle BIP
Bandung Indah Plaza Lantai 2 Unit 88

Misyelle Grage
Grage Mall Lantai 2 R221

Misyelle Kings
Kings Shopping Center (Baru) Lantai 2

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, misyellelovers!
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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

DIY Sneakers by A Beautiful Mess

DIY Herringbone SneakersSupplies: plain canvas shoes, fabric marker, fabric paint, masking tape (optional) 1. For this design, begin by removing the shoe laces and masking off a line. Use your fabric marker to create the herringbone pattern. Continue across until all the white toe and back heel sections are covered. 2. Paint the middle section with black fabric paint. 3. After the paint is completely dry, insert your shoe laces and enjoy your newly styled shoes!Abstract painting sneakers!For my sneakers I knew I wanted to try a painted pattern. I've been seeing this trend all over from runways to retail, and it's one of my favorites in a long time! To create this pattern I simply painted spots, blocks and shapes all over the canvas part of my shoes with colorful fabric paint. Next, I added small dots and geometric patterns with black paint to finish. I chose to leave my laces off for an easy, comfy spring look. 
A note about care- These shoes are washable (machine or handwash) if you use fabric markers and paints and follow the instructions on each package completely. Each product will have different care specifications. :)Fun + unique DIY sneakers!We had so much fun creating these simple sneakers. I love that they are one of a kind, and I know I'll be wearing mine all season! 

Misyelle Now on ZALORA

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Happy Mothers Day

Happy mothers day for all mom in the world!
di hari ibu ini, yuk berikan kado untuk mama. Mumpung lagi ada PROMO CASH BACK up to 100rb di misyelle. Jangan sampe ketinggalan ya Misyellelovers!

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Promo Natal dan Tahun Baru


Dapetin tas - tas diatas hanya dengan harga 199.900 saja! Harga normalnya diatas 300.000 loh Misyellelovers. Cuma berlaku sampai 31 Desember aja. So, tunggu apalagi? Buruan sebelum kehabisan!

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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Monday, 14 December 2015

8 Chic Ensembles For Every Holiday Party

‘Tis the season for endless parties and non-stop shopping. But while you’re still creating your list of gifts to buy, take time off to prepare your holiday getups for the weeks to come. After all, what’s a Christmas party without a festive ensemble to match the mood? From a casual get-together with your friends to an office gathering, we’ve listed down 8 chic ensembles for every holiday party below.
Casual Get-TogetherMix a basic sweater with a sequined skirt to have that balance between casual and glam.
Cocktail SoireeA simple black jumpsuit with a red lip is the perfect sexy and sophisticated combination.
Dinner With Your GirlfriendsPlanning a dinner with your friends after work? Top off your corporate ensemble with a sequined jacket to update your look.
Office GatheringA printed top and midi skirt says you’re keeping it appropriate but you’re ready to have fun.
Black Tie GalaTry a modern take on the ball gown by wearing a crop top and full-length balloon skirt instead.
Family AffairKeep it comfy and classy in a knit sweater and wide-leg pants, and accessorize with a sequined bag for a holiday effect.
Christmas Eve PartyYou can never go wrong with a red mini dress, ankle-strapped shoes, and classic updo at a Christmas party.
Clemence Poesy 3
New Year’s Eve PartySave the best for last and end the year with a sexy low-cut gown, minimal accessories, and a dark lip. 
main.original.640x0c (1)

Sunday, 13 December 2015


Create this seasons hottest accessory and sparkle in comfort with these Jeweled Slip-Ons. Who says heels should have all the fun?
Jeweled Slip-Ons Feature by Trinkets in Bloom

The iconic slip-on sneaker is making a fashion statement this spring.Unfortunately most of the fabulous styles you see are more than $300! While it’s hard to improve on the already perfect Original Vans, they make a great base for a DIY project. So you get to have fun and be crafty while saving yourself some moolah too!Jeweled Slip-Ons Photo 3 Finished


Jeweled Slip-Ons Supplies
step 1
The large stones I used came in packages with lots of shapes and sizes. I recommend that you layout your stones on your shoes to get an idea of where you want them before you start gluing.
TIP: Divide your stones into two groups to make sure you don’t run out of stones on the first shoe.
You may also want to stuff your shoes with paper, this will make is easier to work.
step 2
Starting at the toe of your shoe, place your glue on the back of the stone and press it onto your shoe.Jeweled Slip-Ons Gluing the Stones
The glue will squish out around the stone, but it will shrink up and dry clear.
Continue adding your stones and mixing up the shapes and sizes until you’ve covered the toe part of your shoe.Jeweled Slip-Ons Adding the Stones
step 3
If you have any open spaces between your stones you can add the smaller stones to fill in.Jeweled Slip-Ons Left Side Finished
Let your glue dry.Jeweled Slip-Ons Right Side Finished
I found that the glue held really well on these shoes, I wasn’t nervous walking around in them worrying that the stones might fall off. They seem to be on there for good. Jeweled Slip-Ons Finished Top View
I know I just did another project last week using white Vans slip-ons, stencils and gold glitter, but it’s really hard not to go crazy with ideas sometimes. And I just really wanted to make these too!Jeweled Slip-Ons Photo 1 FinishedJeweled Slip-Ons Photo 2 Finished