Tuesday, 22 December 2015

DIY Sneakers by A Beautiful Mess

DIY Herringbone SneakersSupplies: plain canvas shoes, fabric marker, fabric paint, masking tape (optional) 1. For this design, begin by removing the shoe laces and masking off a line. Use your fabric marker to create the herringbone pattern. Continue across until all the white toe and back heel sections are covered. 2. Paint the middle section with black fabric paint. 3. After the paint is completely dry, insert your shoe laces and enjoy your newly styled shoes!Abstract painting sneakers!For my sneakers I knew I wanted to try a painted pattern. I've been seeing this trend all over from runways to retail, and it's one of my favorites in a long time! To create this pattern I simply painted spots, blocks and shapes all over the canvas part of my shoes with colorful fabric paint. Next, I added small dots and geometric patterns with black paint to finish. I chose to leave my laces off for an easy, comfy spring look. 
A note about care- These shoes are washable (machine or handwash) if you use fabric markers and paints and follow the instructions on each package completely. Each product will have different care specifications. :)Fun + unique DIY sneakers!We had so much fun creating these simple sneakers. I love that they are one of a kind, and I know I'll be wearing mine all season! 

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