Tuesday, 27 November 2012

We're going to participate at Cita Cinta Shopalooza Bazaar, at La Piazza Kelapa Gading, 1 Desember 2012.
We bring our shoes dan bags latesth collections and get 10% off all items. 
Save the date ..... See you there !

Monday, 15 October 2012

I Love Bazaar Jakarta

We're going to participate at I Love Bazaar Jakarta at Grand Indonesia, come and visit us! ^_^

Friday, 12 October 2012

The Dos and Don'ts of Shoe Shopping

Your guide to avoiding these mistakes

Sure, trying on jeans may win for the most harrowing retail experience, but when it comes to shopping for shoes, what should constitute as the perfect afternoon out can lead to breaking the bank and pledging allegiance to Crocs. But rest assured, we’ve got you covered. And thanks to our list of dos and don’ts, the days of ill-fitting heels, shoehorns and pushy salespeople have come to a close.

DO: Try on
While it’s tempting to assume that all shoes fit the same, unfortunately the in-and-out technique of accessory, t-shirt and even underwear shopping does not apply to footwear. True, avoiding retail associates may seem ideal, but with some stores hesitant to give full refunds, and others a Mecca of mismatched pairs and unmarked boxes, it takes less time to try on and judge at the moment than it does to go home, curse footwear in general and return to the store to do it all over again.
DON’T: Be a pushover
Though the majority of those in retail want only to help you make the best decision, others work for commission and will tell you whatever it takes to sell an extra pair. Therefore, remember to stay within your comfort zone: while those leopard print high-heeled moccasins may seem like the statement piece of 2011, only you know whether you’ll wear them and if you can really carry them off. (And congratulations if you can.)
DO: Ask questions
And while certain salespeople use customer transactions to score an extra buck, the majority are happy and willing to help - so don’t be afraid to ask. While internet shopping and some DIY chains have abolished the person-to-person interaction that was previously mandatory, it’s important to remember that asking for help is not only acceptable, but encouraged – especially if you need extra sizes, colours or even an opinon. And of course, if you start to feel like a burden, remind yourself that it doesn’t reflect poorly on you: odds are, if you’re dealing with an associate who treats you disrespectfully, you’re likely not investing in a brand that’s worthy of your hard-earned money.  
DON’T: Compromise
We’ve all tried to justify shoving our size nine feet into size seven shoes in hopes of leather “stretching out”, but despite our best efforts, we’re usually faced with disappointment when we realize it’s not going to happen. Thus, regardless of how perfect one pair of shoes may seem, it’s important to remind yourself that footwear is an investment, and compromising on size, colour or variation will only lead to regret and the subsequent purchase of the pair you want. After all, we’ve all seen the episode of Friends with Monica and the boots.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Sudah saatnya Misyelle membicarakan trends sepatu musim gugur (Fall) di penghujung tahun 2012.
Meskipun kita tahu di negara Indonesia tidak ada musim gugur, tapi trends dari luar selalu mempengaruhi cara kita bergaya.
Oleh karena itu Misyelle berusaha mencari referensi trends yang sedang berlangsung di luar sana.
Semoga trends-trends itu cocok digunakan di Indonesia dan tentunya juga berharap Misyelle Store akan menyediakan koleksi sepatu dengan model yang sedang trends, tapi tentunya juga dengan harga Misyelle alias sesuai dengan kantong fans Misyelle. Setuju !!

Yuk kita lihat trends nya apa saja :

1. Chunky Ankle Boots

Kali ini sepatu dengan hak ekstra tebal dan kokoh, sedang trend lagi. Sepatu dengan hak tebal ini nyaman dipakai untuk segala aktivitas, karena stabil menopang tubuh pemakainya. dan sepatu boot ini cocok untuk digunakan bersama dress sampai skinny jeans. 
Cari boot begini, wajib kunjungi Misyelle Store dulu...

2. Smoking Slippers

Jika menginginkan sepatu datar yang fresh. Pilihannya jatuh pada Smoking Slipper.
Model sepatu ini terinspirasi dari gaya sepatu pria, tetapi dimodifikasi dengan menggunakan berbagai bahan dan motif. Sehingga menjadi sangat gaya dan stylish !
Psst! Misyelle Store juga sudah mengeluarkan koleksi ini lho... 

3. Neon-Sole Oxfords

Sepatu model oxford ini sudah populer beberapa waktu yang lalu. Tetapi kali ini tampil lebih modern dan warna warni. Sepatu Neon Oxford adalah sepatu model maskulin dengan sol berwarna neon / cerah.
Akan menambah gaya kamu...
Semoga Misyelle menemukan material berwarna cerah ini.....

Sudahkah kamu memiliki sepatu yang sedang trends ini ?


Monday, 3 September 2012


Boring  with a plain flat shoes ??
Shoe clips can jazz up any old of pair of shoes !
Misyelle, want share this tutorial :

 If you have access to real shoe clips, by all means, please use those.  They weren't available to me, so I decided to be resourceful and use clip-on earrings.  If you go this route you will need to straighten them out like this:

Next, you will cut out your shapes from the felt and fabric to form a panda (or any animal, really).  Glue your fabric circle to a felt backing.  After you have glued that, stitch on the eye patches, eyes, and ears.  Now it's time for the shoe clips (earrings).  I cheated and used hot glue, but you could easily sew these on if you prefer.  Now, do it again!  You need two matching clips!
Voila!  Now you have adorable shoe clips.  You could use this same template with different shapes.  Hearts, bows, and stars make great shoe clips!
  Just cut your shapes, sew or glue together, and then add your clips to the back!

Happy crafting, friends!  If you make these and want to leave a link in the comments, I'd love to see your work!! 
 If you need some plain flat shoes, you can visit Misyelle Store at Bandung Indah Plaza, King's Shopping Centre or face book / misyelle store.


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Back Pack Trends

Trend ransel secara perlahan muncul lagi di dunia fashion...
Ini ada beberapa inspirasi untuk kamu :
Celebritiy seperti Rihanna, Mary Kate Olsen dan Ashley Olsen banyak tertangkap sedang menggunakan backpack pada sehari-harinya.

Festival musim semi Coachella, dimana mereka tampil gaya dan modis . I love it !

Para fashion blogger juga suka memakai backpack..

Jangan memakainya terlalu tinggi atau membawa barang terlalu banyak.....karena akan terlihat seperti pergi ke sekolah...Sebaiknya gunakan dengan tali yang dikaitkan di satu bahu , akan terlihat benar-benar santai tergantung di punggung kamuBisa juga dikaitkan kedua talinya dengan ketinggian yang pas di punggung kamu..
Misyelle juga sudah mulai mengeluarkan koleksi tas ranselnya sejak Juni kemarin...bisa kamu cek di toko Misyelle terdekat....

Jadi tunggu apa lagi....segera pakai ransel lagi pada keseharian kamu... so pasti Stylish dan Gaya !!


We Came Back

We came back, after a long disappeared from the online world.
May we continued to update and inspire you all ....

Wait for the latest updates from us .