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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Pray For Misyelle BIP

Kebakaran menjilat bagian atap salah satu tenant di mal Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP), Jalan Merdeka. Tidak ada korban jiwa akibat kejadian tersebut. BIP ditutup untuk sementara.
"Indikasinya karena korsleting alat pendingin ruangan. Itu indikasi ya. Nanti pihak polisi yang memastikan penyebab kebakaran," kata Kepala Dinas Penanggulangan dan Pencegahan Kebakaran Kota Bandung Ferdi Ligaswara di lokasi kejadian.
Ferdi mengatakan peritiwa kebakaran berlangsung di toko tas dan sepatu 'Misyelle' yang berada dii lantai dua mal BIP. Ruangan dan toko tersebut tidak terbakar berkat kesigapan Tim Evakuasi BIP. "Langkah manajemen BIP sangat baik. Petugas internalnya sigap dan cepat memadamkan api," ujar Ferdi.
Dia menambahkan, mal terkenal di Kota Bandung ini bisa kembali beraktivitas normal dengan syarat kepulan sisa asap segera dikeluarkan melalui celah atau ventilasi. "Butuh beberapa jam ke depan agar steril asap. Jangan ada asap, kasihan nanti pengunjung dan pegawai," tutur Ferdi.
Hingga pukul 13.00 WIB, mal itu masih ditutup. Belum diketahui kapan mal kembali buka. "Kita nunggu clear. Bila dinyatakan oleh petugas berwajib clear, kita aktivitas kembali," ujar Markom BIP Andri Wibowo.
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Hari ini, Rabu, 28 Januari 2015 Misyelle lagi - lagi harus berduka. Setelah di tahun sebelumnya Misyelle kehilangan salah satu counter di King's Shopping Centre, kini giliran counter Misyelle di BIP yang dirundung duka. Syukurlah berkat kesigapan Tim Evakuasi BIP, api tidak membesar dan tidak ada barang Misyelle yang terbakar. Misyelle berterima kasih kepada semua pihak yang telah membantu, khususnya Tim evakuasi BIP dan damkar kota Bandung. We believe bad things or good things come for a reason, and God always gives us the best part. 

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

DIY Cap Toe Flats

 A trend I do not see disappearing any time soon are cap toe flats, a very chic take on a ballet flat. They definitely add that little pop of fancy you might want for a date night or an important interview. I haven’t found any for a decent price, so I went ahead and transformed a pair of plain Target flats into a leather + gold combo.
Photo1 13
You’ll need:
-Plain Flats
-Blue Painter’s Tape
-Spray Paint (any color)
-A Pen and A Ruler
Photo2 11
First, you’ll want to measure how much of the toe you’d like to spray paint. I went with 1”, next time I’ll probably do 1 ½”.
Photo3 10
Make a mark at the spot you’ll be taping off, so you ensure the paint will be even.
Photo4 7
Tape off the area with the painter’s tape. Spray the caps! I did a couple of coats, waiting for the previous coat to dry before doing the next.
Photo5 9
Photo6 6
Photo7 3
Wait until the paint is fully dry, then peel it off revealing your lovely new caps!
Photo8 4
Photo9 4Photo10 3
Would you take the time to make your own cap-toes or splurge on a pre-made pair?

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How To Stretching Shoes

Have you bought shoes that too small for you? Don't be sad, because did you know what you could stretch them in the freezer?
Cute, huh?  But kind of tight in width, which is where the little trick comes in!
Fill a zip lock bag of water just under half way.  Make sure it is sealed well, and doesn’t have air trapped inside.  The air won’t really do anything but make it harder to get the baggy down into the toe.
The bag will stick over the edges of the shoe a little which helps stretch that area…again, make sure that the bag isn’t leaking.
And pop them into the freezer.  These were new shoes, so I wasn’t really worried about dirt, or I guess you could put them in a plastic bag and then into the freezer.  I’m now looking at my shoe directly above the ice cube trays and realizing, maybe I should have done that just in case…oops, next time!
I typically freeze them overnight, take them out in the morning, break out the ice, and then repeat once more and leave them in for the next day and night for a little extra stretch.  Do not let the bags melt inside the shoes, that will lead to wet shoes, and might ruin them.  Most of the time I can wiggle out the ice bag, or I break it out with the end of a knife.
I’ve done this now with almost every new show I buy.  I have found it to be very helpful…but again, I warned you, very random!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Things We Want This Month

Pretty Lace Bags for everyday outfit

Geometric Clutch for party time, this is so gorgeous.

Tribal Travel Bag for traveling.

So, those are what we want this January. What do you think, Misyellelovers?

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


diy chain collar necklace
Peter Pan collars are everywhere right now and with some gold chain you can easily make a DIY chain collar necklace for yourself. I (Ali) used gold chain but you can use whatever size chain you have and/or mix and match different metals to create different looks.
make collar necklace
Step 1: Cut two pieces of chain the length you would like your necklace. Mine was 18 inches so each piece was 9 inches long. Add a jump ring to one end of each chain to join them together. This will become the middle of your necklace.
collar necklace instructions
Step 2: Attach another jump ring on one of the chain links about 4-5 inches from the end. Do the same for the other side.
diy collar necklace
Step 3: Cut two more pieces of chain (these will be the collar pieces to your necklace) and attach on the the middle jump ring and on the two jump rings you just added in the previous step.
chain necklace
Step 4: Cut 4 individual pieces of chain with each piece gradually longer the the other. For example the first piece I cut was 4.75 inches, the next was about 5.25 inches, the next was 5.75 inches, and then the last was 6.25 inches. Attach them to two new jump rings with the shortest piece on top and the longest piece on bottom. Repeat this step for the other side.
make diy chain collar necklace
Step 5: Attach both sets of 4 to your necklace by attaching to the middle jump ring and the outside ring. Just make sure you attach it between the two chains on the necklace.
DIY necklace
Step 6: Finish the necklace by attaching a 2.5 inch chain extender and clasp to the necklace ends.
DIY necklace

Trends We Can’t Wait to Ditch in 2015

As much as we love trends, the thing about them is that they do come and go. So as we ring in the new year, it’s only fitting that we leave those cliched ones behind. It has been a thrill to see these fashion fads everywhere and make them our own one way or another, but we’ve come to that point where we’re aching to see them go.
Take a look at our list of beauty and style trends that we swear to ditch once the clock strikes twelve. We think that you should, too.
1. Birkenstocks - We know that these sandals are normcore at its finest, but let’s make 2015 a year of classier steppers, shall we?
2. Peplum - While this cut offers an interesting twist on separates, the peplum a had good run and its retirement is long overdue.
3. Valentino Rockstud heels – As much as we covet these babies, we think that it’s time to say a bittersweet goodbye and find a new statement pair to slip into.
4. Mirrored sunnies – With its extra cool vibe, this it-accessory has been a summer favorite. However, these flashy blinkers can’t be easy on the eyes for so long.
6. Skater skirt – We hope that 2015 brings you more inspired style choices than this exhausted staple. So long, skater skirts. Over and out.
7. Over contouring – It’s about time to give up those exaggerated cheekbones and leave this beauty faux pas behind.
New York Fashionweek ss2014, day 4
8. Designer parody shirts - These witty takes on designer logos have made us all laugh at some point. But even the fashion world’s favorite puns can get old, too.
9. Pastel hair – It was fun to experiment with colors, but we think that candy hair isn’t so cute anymore.
10. Origami skort – Yes, all your favorite street style stars have been spotted wearing one , and we’re over it. Next!
11. Bad statement shirts – We get it: you like those Beyonce lyrics and you’re probably a geek/nerd/jock. But your t-shirts don’t really have to do the talking.
12. Plaid shirt tied around the waist – While we all love this ’90s trend, let’s take a breather and go for fresher ideas in the new year.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Chic Marsala Pieces You Need to Shop for 2015

When we heard that Marsala is Pantone’s pick as Color of the Year, we couldn’t be more thrilled as this shade has been a favorite among the stylish set, making it a sartorially savvy choice. Named after a type of wine, this reddish brown hue creates a dark, sophisticated look that’s generally flattering and easily wearable.
Now your obsession with dark lips can be translated to your wardrobe as we give you 10 fashion must-haves in this rich vinous color. Welcome 2015 by giving your closet a heady dose of marsala. Cheers!
HM Jumpsuit
Jumpsuit, P2,990, H&M
Dune Dorisey
Handbag, Dune
Zara Pleated Top
Pleated top, P2,295, Zara
Rhinestone necklace, P1,490, H&M
Kitten heels, Reiss
Dress, Suiteblanco
Miss Selfridge Fedora Hat
Fedora hat, Miss Selfridge
Miss Selfridge Skort
Zara Slingback Bootie
Slingback booties, P4,995, Zara
Satchel, Charles & Keith