Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How To Stretching Shoes

Have you bought shoes that too small for you? Don't be sad, because did you know what you could stretch them in the freezer?
Cute, huh?  But kind of tight in width, which is where the little trick comes in!
Fill a zip lock bag of water just under half way.  Make sure it is sealed well, and doesn’t have air trapped inside.  The air won’t really do anything but make it harder to get the baggy down into the toe.
The bag will stick over the edges of the shoe a little which helps stretch that area…again, make sure that the bag isn’t leaking.
And pop them into the freezer.  These were new shoes, so I wasn’t really worried about dirt, or I guess you could put them in a plastic bag and then into the freezer.  I’m now looking at my shoe directly above the ice cube trays and realizing, maybe I should have done that just in case…oops, next time!
I typically freeze them overnight, take them out in the morning, break out the ice, and then repeat once more and leave them in for the next day and night for a little extra stretch.  Do not let the bags melt inside the shoes, that will lead to wet shoes, and might ruin them.  Most of the time I can wiggle out the ice bag, or I break it out with the end of a knife.
I’ve done this now with almost every new show I buy.  I have found it to be very helpful…but again, I warned you, very random!

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