Thursday, 22 January 2015

DIY Cap Toe Flats

 A trend I do not see disappearing any time soon are cap toe flats, a very chic take on a ballet flat. They definitely add that little pop of fancy you might want for a date night or an important interview. I haven’t found any for a decent price, so I went ahead and transformed a pair of plain Target flats into a leather + gold combo.
Photo1 13
You’ll need:
-Plain Flats
-Blue Painter’s Tape
-Spray Paint (any color)
-A Pen and A Ruler
Photo2 11
First, you’ll want to measure how much of the toe you’d like to spray paint. I went with 1”, next time I’ll probably do 1 ½”.
Photo3 10
Make a mark at the spot you’ll be taping off, so you ensure the paint will be even.
Photo4 7
Tape off the area with the painter’s tape. Spray the caps! I did a couple of coats, waiting for the previous coat to dry before doing the next.
Photo5 9
Photo6 6
Photo7 3
Wait until the paint is fully dry, then peel it off revealing your lovely new caps!
Photo8 4
Photo9 4Photo10 3
Would you take the time to make your own cap-toes or splurge on a pre-made pair?

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