As much as we love trends, the thing about them is that they do come and go. So as we ring in the new year, it’s only fitting that we leave those cliched ones behind. It has been a thrill to see these fashion fads everywhere and make them our own one way or another, but we’ve come to that point where we’re aching to see them go.
Take a look at our list of beauty and style trends that we swear to ditch once the clock strikes twelve. We think that you should, too.
1. Birkenstocks - We know that these sandals are normcore at its finest, but let’s make 2015 a year of classier steppers, shall we?
2. Peplum - While this cut offers an interesting twist on separates, the peplum a had good run and its retirement is long overdue.
3. Valentino Rockstud heels – As much as we covet these babies, we think that it’s time to say a bittersweet goodbye and find a new statement pair to slip into.
4. Mirrored sunnies – With its extra cool vibe, this it-accessory has been a summer favorite. However, these flashy blinkers can’t be easy on the eyes for so long.
6. Skater skirt – We hope that 2015 brings you more inspired style choices than this exhausted staple. So long, skater skirts. Over and out.
7. Over contouring – It’s about time to give up those exaggerated cheekbones and leave this beauty faux pas behind.
New York Fashionweek ss2014, day 4
8. Designer parody shirts - These witty takes on designer logos have made us all laugh at some point. But even the fashion world’s favorite puns can get old, too.
9. Pastel hair – It was fun to experiment with colors, but we think that candy hair isn’t so cute anymore.
10. Origami skort – Yes, all your favorite street style stars have been spotted wearing one , and we’re over it. Next!
11. Bad statement shirts – We get it: you like those Beyonce lyrics and you’re probably a geek/nerd/jock. But your t-shirts don’t really have to do the talking.
12. Plaid shirt tied around the waist – While we all love this ’90s trend, let’s take a breather and go for fresher ideas in the new year.