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Houndstooth heels  with  tassel  poufs-diy houndstooth shoes
Houndstooth is by no means a new textile, however, it has hit the fashion trend radar once again and seems to be popping up in every magazine I open as of late. Most blame Lady Gaga and her outrageous head-to-toe houndstooth ensemble. And she may have brought it to the masses attention but the dress & shoes she was wearing were from the Salvatore Ferragamo Autumn/Winter 2011 collection wherein Houndstooth was one of the main prints seen in fine and exaggerated proportions. Chanel & YSL touched on it as well for 2011 {and it’s a Staple for Gwen Stefani} but Ferragamo sold it this season, in my opinion. I recommend watching therunway show, it’s GORGEOUS. I would wear every single look. You can buy Ferragamo’s gorgeous snakeskinHoundstooth shoes for $950 OR you can make your own. Here’s how…
Houndstooth Shoes DIY - materials

* A pair of pumps. **A moderate pointy toe will work best.
Cotton houndstooth print fabric. I found mine at JoAnn‘s and what I thought was black and white noticed when I returned home, was navy. 
Mod Podge original. You may also use a fabric glue but Mod Podge works the best.
* Craft Sponge brush
* Scissors
* Patience… this is not an easy one.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 1-1

* Cut out two irregular shapes {a pentagon of sorts}. My measurement is for a 3″ heel. Adjust for longer or shorter heels. **Make sure your print/pattern direction is the same on both.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 3

* Using your sponge brush, lay on a relatively thick layer of Mod Podge to your heel. Do one at a time.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 4-1

* With the triangle side up, place your fabric on your heel and smooth out.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 7

* Cut a slit in the fabric {on either side} where the heel meets the shoe in order for the fabric to lay smoothly. **If your fabric is buckling anywhere else, make a similar slit to smooth it out. Let dry. Once dry, trim the edges leaving about 1/8″ around each of the sides.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 9

* Next up is your toes! FIRST Cut two large rectangles from your fabric. Mine were about 18″ x 24″ – I wear a 9, measure your shoe accordingly, you should leave ample room for error on all sides. **Mod Podge the front toe of ONE shoe.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 10

* Decide which direction you want your print to lay. **Remember to match the other shoe the same direction.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 11

* Giving yourself over an inch of allowance on each side, lay your fabric over your toe and smooth out any bubbles. Do the same to the other shoe, allowing this one to dry and set into place.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 12-1

* Once your toes are set enough {they don’t have to be completely dry but at least steady and immovable} cut a triangle out from the excess fabric at your toe, leaving at least 1/8″ allowance {longer than the sole}. **Press the front down to set in place. {see below}

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 14-1

* Adding more glue to your edges and toe, fold and glue down each side, creating an envelope flap type of crease… fold over your edges twice to prevent fraying, and/or add more glue.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 17-1

* Wrap your fabric loosely under your shoe then carefully cut a small slit in the opening. **Making sure you’ll have enough fabric to cover both sides of your shoe, make the slit larger so that each side will lay flat.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 19

* Beginning with one side and one shoe at a time, add your glue and carefully smooth your fabric over each side. **Wherever it buckles, snip the edge like we did with our heels to allow the fabric to lay smoothly. Just don’t snip too far!

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 20

* Once your shoe fabric is set in place, trim off the excess leaving at least 1/4″ just to be safe.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 22-1

* Glue one side of the back/ankle down then the other flap over it. **Create a nice, clean, fray-free seam by folding over your edge first and centering it with your shoe’s real seam.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 24

* Trim excess fabric around entire shoe to 1/8″ or less. **You may choose to cut your fabric just above the shoe’s natural sole {so the sole will show} or flap it over the edges. I did both, depending on the area of the shoe.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 25-1

* Adding extra Mod Podge to the inner edges {that I left a little less than 1/8″} press down. **Do this around all of your edges.

Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 28
Houndstooth Shoes DIY - 29

* I wasn’t sure how exactly to merge the seam of the heel with the seam of the shoe so I created a ribbon to hide it. **Cut a strip about 24″ {to be safe} long by 1″ wide, glue,fold,glue, fold until you get a ribbon, then cut in half. **You’ll need two 6″-12″ ribbons for each shoe. **You can also choose a contrasting or solid fabric or ribbon if you like. **Adding a good amount of glue around the seam, I carefully create a bow of sorts to hide the seam. I glued them to the inner side of the heel for extra support.

houndstooth heels-cover shoes with fabric diy-bows on shoes

* The very back of the print of the heel/shoe lined up perfectly, though the sides do not. I’m okay with that :)

houndstooth shoe diy - covering shoes with fabric-houndstooth
french bulldog-houndstooth shoes-heels-legs
Houndstooth shoes - heels - tassel poufs
houndstooth shoes diy-navy and white shoes-diy fashion-shoe diys-fabric on shoes
houndstooth shoes-diy houndstooth

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Misyelle's Inspiration Board

Howdy, Misyellelovers! Good to see you again :)
Still in love with tribal, we found those pretty gorgeous tribal bags. 
We love the colors, dark color on the left and pastel color on the right.

We also love all this mono chromatic and simple pattern. 

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10 of Fashion’s Most Popular “Pretty Ugly” Shoes

They can be unflattering, uncomfortable and sometimes, downright hideous – but we buy them anyway! Here are some of the world’s most popular “Pretty Ugly” shoes that became billion-dollar fads and shook up the global fashion scene.crocs_new_pic1. Crocs
Since its founding in 2002, Crocs has expanded its brand into a global empire, selling millions of pairs around the world. It’s been a staple in schools, hospitals and restaurant kitchens since its launching but truth be told, it probably should be put away once office hours are over. While the brand has been trying to break away from its classic designs, Crocs’ sales have diminished rampantly over the recent years.birkenstocks_22. Mandals
Androgyny has been a rising trend in fashion in the recent years – from boyfriend jeans to oversized polos, and now the “mandals” or as some would like to call it, the “Jesus sandals”. Known for their veteran line of mandals, Birkenstock has always been the go-to brand to get a pair in any style or color – now designs even come in metallic and fur details!
3. Kitten Heels
During the era of fashion icons Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, kitten heels were all the rage. It was everything that a classy, young lady would have wanted at the time. However, these shoes may not be as flattering especially on one’s profile as the other pairs in the heels department. It’s probably best to aim for greater heights if you want to be able to enhance your assets better.
4. UGGs
The perfect example of “comfort over fashion”, UGGs are the most snug and cosy pairs of boots you’ll ever get the chance of putting on. These boots are definitely made for walking and will probably leave you with no complaints except for one – “I wish these boots looked prettier!”alexander-mcqueen-armadillo-heels-profile5. Armadillo Shoes
Pioneered by eclectic, avant-garde designer, Alexander McQueen in his 2010 S/S collection, these shoes turned heads not only on the runway but later down on the red carpet as well on the likes of celebrities like Lady Gaga, Daphne Guinness and Karen Gillian. Because of the fact that these 10-inch heels are incredibly hard to walk in, these shoes are better utilized only for photo shoots or costume parties. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want to be wearing them to the mall, awkwardly hauling them around.

6. Sneaker Wedges
A look that not everyone can pull off are sneaker wedges. They look really heavy on their own so no matter your height or body type, it may have you looking disproportional or heavier – either way it’s no pretty sight. However, they also add a little bit more flare to a casual outfit, so don’t go closing the doors on these sneaker wedges just yet!

7. Reverse HeelsJust like the Armadillo shoes, reverse heels are deadly and dangerous to walk in. Aside from being sky-high, they also position a woman’s body in a very awkward and unflattering position when wearing them.

8. Flatforms
First popularized in the 90’s by the Spice Girls, the flatforms made a comeback three years ago and further hyped up on the runways of S/S 2015. Since then, a lot of A-list celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Kate Bosworth have been sporting them just about anywhere.

9. Jelly Shoes
It was in the 80s when the Jelly fad began and everyone was obsessed with synthetic and brightly-colored items. Now, it’s being revived and shoe enthusiasts are crazy about it and brands are adapting. Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Melissa and Grendha are just some of the brands that carry jelly sandals.
10. Clogs
What once were associated with grimy hair and grubby clothes are now a staple in every stylish bohemian chic’s closet! Although it’s quite tricky finding a pair that you’ll feel most comfortable in so be sure to choose wisely if you ever find yourself looking for clogs.

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Celebrity-Inspired Workwear We’re Obsessed With

These days, the humid temperature is a thing to consider when we’re planning our office wardrobe. If you’re the type who’s already itching to trade your go-to blazer with something lighter, then you’ve come to the right place. This summer, play with print and color for a dose of chic under the summer heat, and go for white and pastels for a light and fresh feel.
For some style inspiration that’s office appropriate, here are 9 summer-ready looks courtesy of the celebs.
Olivia Palermo: Polka-dot button down, flouncy skirt, peep-toe sandals
Miranda Kerr: White pencil dress, pastel tote, nude pumps
Olivia Munn: Matching top and skirt, barely-there sandals
main.original (1)
Jaime King: Striped shirt, floral skirt, black sandals
Jessica Alba: Cotton blouse, tropical-print dress, pointed pumps
Angelina Jolie: White cami, suit, nude pumps
Reese Witherspoon: White button down, printed skirt, heeled sandals
Lily Collins: White shirt, floral midi skirt, nude ankle-strap sandals
Diane Kruger: Belted print dress, bright-colored sandals