Saturday, 1 April 2017

5 Fresh Ways to Wear Your Off-The-Shoulder Top

We know for sure that every girl owns one or more off-the-shoulder tops just because we can’t deny its endless versatility and summer-ready silhouette. We’ve seen it countless times on the runways, the streets, and down to our favorite retail stores. And we understand if you may be struggling to find new ways to elevate this flattering piece, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you choose to recreate your old ones or add more to your collection, this shoulder-baring top is about to get a fresher look. Here are 5 ways to spice up this summer staple:
1. Wear it with overalls.
Here’s a look you should try in your next summer destination. Try a more fun, casual vibe by throwing off a baseball cap, bumblebee shades, and choker. If you want to add more glam, opt for a pair of striking stilettos.
jessica wang off the shoulder outfit
Photo via @notjessfashion
2. Go for a monochromatic look.
If you’re tired of florals and stripes then try associating your solid-colored top with this timeless trend: the monochromatic outfit. You may also complete the look by adding a pop of color or an eye-catching accessory.
lavenda off the shoulder outfit
Photo via @lavendascloset
3. Style it with a belt.
You may opt for a leather belt or even a rope to define your waist. Doing this will make your casual outfit more flatteringly stylish – perfect for any weekend brunch.
talene shahinian off the shoulder outfit
Photo via @taleneshahinian
talene shahinian off the shoulder outfit_
Photo via @taleneshahinian
4. Layer it with a tube dress.
Being creative with your OOTD goes a long way. Who would have thought that these two are a perfect match? If you want to be experimental then this look is a must-try.
jennifer lane off the shoulder outfit
Photo via @publicistinpearls
5. Throw on a vest.
With its polished look, wearing a vest creates an effortlessly chic ensemble that will get you through any lunch meetings or even a night out.
ceyda yerli off the shoulder outfit
Photo via @jdaoutfit
ceyda yerli off the shoulder outfit_
Photo via @jdaoutfit
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