Sunday, 2 April 2017


I was scrolling through my Instagram feed last Thursday or Friday and Chiara (creator of The Blond Salad) popped up in this adorable pearled hoodeie sweatshirt which is from her 2017/2018 collection… and I immediately thought I HAVE TO MAKE THIS. I don’t think hers is available for purchase yet and mine most probably does not compare (for instance, mine is a a little looser/sloppier and doesn’t have her eye logo), BUT it’s still really cute and gives this old hooded sweatshirt brand new life.


Chiara Ferragni collection / Pearl Hooded Sweatshirt ~ DIY
P H O T O | Chiara Ferragni Collection via Instagram
S H O P | Chiara Ferragni shoes

What You’ll Need…

pearl hooded sweatshirt DIY
  • Loose-fitting but heavy/thick hooded sweatshirt (without stretch in the hood)
  • Large craft pearls… and small
  • Matching thread & Needle
  • Scissors


pearl hooded sweatshirt
PS. This is a REALLY simple DIY… though a bit time consuming.
  • Begin at the top/center of your hood and work down each side to ensure your pearls line up correctly.
  • Thread your needle, run it through the near-edge of the fabric of your hoodie (about 1/8″ in), string a large pearl, stitch it into place. Knot your thread to secure each pearl.
  • Continue each individual pearl, spacing them appropriately.
  • You may choose to keep the pearls a little loose OR string them tightly so they don’t move. I created mine somewhere in between.
  • NOTE: I ran out of large pearls, so I used smaller ones near the bottom, though I think it actually worked out nicely.

And… Voila!

DIY pearl hooded sweatshirt
pearl hooded sweatshirt
pearl hooded sweatshirt
pearl hooded sweatshirt
pearl hooded sweatshirt

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