Saturday, 9 August 2014

Clutch Me If You Can

The clutch bag has undergone quite an evolution in the past few seasons. From being a small and dainty piece for luxurious dresses and fine nights out, the clutch has adapted a little bit more attitude. It’s now a street style staple that functions diversely depending on the design and structure. For example, a large, envelope clutch can make a jeans-and-shirt combo a little bit more formal while a clutch in an unexpected hue can put the right pop of color to a plain ensemble.
Since the clutch has moved from cocktail parties to afternoon coffee dates, it’s size has gone bigger to  what we might need for the day. Large clutches are perfect for those who just like to stuff their bags full. Now that’s what you call merging fashion with functionality. But if you’re worried if your classic clutches don’t have a place in this world, don’t you fret just yet. If you opt to go for the more conservative designs,they would still go well with any outfit for those who are not afraid to play around with contrasting elements.

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