Saturday, 26 March 2016

6 Chic Slip-On Sandals You’ll Wear All Summer

It’s finally sandal season! And since sandals are essential to your summer wardrobe, we’ve gathered 6 comfortable slide-on shoes that are chic, versatile, and easy to wear. If you’re looking for a pair that will take you from the mall to the beach, then look no further.
Here’s how you can start off your summer on the right foot:SM Parisian Sandals
We love the mixed texture on these black sandals that can seriously go with anything!
Cross Strap Sandals

Zara Slip-On Sandals

These feminine ones would look great with a summer dress or a denim outfit.
Flat Leather Sandals

Launch Beige
Who says sandals can’t be sporty? We’d wear this with anything from a cute skirt to a romper.
Launch Cross Strap Flatform Sandals

HM Sandals

This simple pair can make any outfit look cool.
Slip-On Sandals

We’d never leave this out of our beach bag.
Leather Slotted Thong Sandal

Forever 21 sandals

A staple for any summer girl: brown leather sandals. And these definitely make the cut!
Faux Leather Sandals

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