Monday, 30 May 2016

Celebrity-Inspired Tips On What To Wear In Europe

When it comes to travel style, celebrities always seem to have it in the bag. They may have easy access to some of the best clothes money can buy, but really, their travel looks are easily achievable. With classic essentials like the leather jacket and a pair of Oxfords, they always pack pieces that are not only versatile but functional as well. But while comfort is key, looking chic is essential too.
So whether you’re taking a trip to explore London town or finally seeing the Eiffel tower this summer, we gathered a bunch of photos of celebrities who happened to spend their past few weeks in Europe. Take inspiration on what to pack for your vacation below:
Rhian Ramos
Your suitcase will be packed with a lot of simple essentials like jeans and tops you can layer. So bring at least one statement jacket to update any basic ensemble.
Jasmine Curtis
Adding accessories is a great way to add personality to any outfit. Whether it’s a pair of sunglasses or a knit beret, it’s a small detail that puts your whole look together.
Lovi Poe 2
Always wear something comfortable. You never know what kind of activity you’ll stumble upon when walking around the streets of Europe.
Lovi Poe
Europe is the best place to take OOTD photos, so why not put your best fashion forward? Pack a light, stylish dress that you can wear under a leather jacket like Lovi Poe.
Bianca King
You don’t know exactly what kind of weather to expect. It can be hot during the day and windy at times, so try to keep a balance per ensemble. Here, Bianca King wears a jumper over a long-sleeved top and a slit skirt.
A small, cross-body bag is a must to keep all your daily essentials: phone, wallet, lipstick, a map etc. If you’re trying to lessen the amount of things in your suitcase, just bring a neutral colored one that can match any outfit.
Andi Eigenmann 1
If they say eat where the locals eat, then we say dress how the locals dress. The French are big on menswear-inspired pieces. So bring a cool, tailored blazer or a pair of brogues. It’s casual, comfortable, and effortlessly chic.
Isabelle Daza europe
Always have a scarf in hand for those colder days, or just when your outfit needs a bit more oomph.
Isabelle Daza
And lastly, don’t forget your white sneakers. You’ll never go wrong with them— even with a long coat!

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