Monday, 11 July 2016

Ditch The Skinny & Cop These 5 Statement Jeans Instead

If it feels like you’ve seen a change in denim wear everywhere, then it’s because this season, it’s all about putting the skinnies aside and giving the other styles some much needed attention. Since early this year, we’ve seen a wide range of denim on the runways and on the streets. From the return of trendy silhouettes to subtle detailing, there’s no shortage of statement jeans this season. So whether you want to pair it with a simple tee or mix it with another statement top, these styles on the rise are on everyone’s must-have lists.
Take your pick below:

Frayed Denim + Misyelle bags

Frayed Denim
Frayed jeans are probably the biggest trend in denim. With undone edges, everything from cropped to straight-cut jeans have gotten the tattered treatment. Pair it with a tailored top and polished shoes for a cool, effortless look.

Cropped Flares + Misyelle Laces

Cropped Flare Denim
Your full-length flares aren’t going anywhere but a cropped version just seems more refreshing and laid-back. It’s perfect for afternoon strolls and Sunday affairs.

Two-Toned Denim + Misyelle Mini Bags
Two-Toned Denim
For a spin on the classic blues, try color blocking jeans with a basic top. Whether you go bold or subtle, this eye-catching pair proves two shades are better than one.

Wide-Leg Jeans + Misyelle Heels

Wide Leg Jeans
Have you heard skinny jeans aren’t good for you? We’re all about health and comfort so it’s time we fully embraced the wide-leg pants. From culottes to full bottoms, this super comfy silhouette keeps things easy and breezy.

Embroidered & Patched Denim + Misyelle Boots

Embroidered Denim
If you feel like your outfits are lacking some accessories, you can rely on a pair of decorative jeans to give your look some fun and personality.

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