Monday, 19 September 2016

8 Pieces You Should Add to Your Work Wardrobe
If putting an outfit together every single day, first thing in the morning (especially when you haven’t even had coffee yet) is already taking its toll on you, then perhaps it’s about time for a much needed wardrobe update. To freshen up your workwear choices, all you need are a few essential pieces that are versatile so you can easily incorporate them in your existing selection of clothing.
To help you with your shopping list, here are the items we think you should add to your closet if you don’t have them yet:

1. Button-Down Dress

Button Down Dress
The wonderful thing about this must-have is that you can use it interchangeably as a dress and as a third piece. If you want to spice up your usual blouse and jeans, layering this over your outfit can score you some fashion girl points without much effort.

2. Lightweight Turtleneck

Turtleneck 2
If you already have good selection of office-appropriate shirts, then a turtleneck is just what you might be missing. Go for a lightweight short-sleeved one so you can still wear it on those days when the unpredictable weather decides to be extra-warm.

3. Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt
Yes, a pencil skirt is the safest go-to when you’re in the corporate scene. But if you want something different, a calf-length skirt does a fantastic job in giving you a sophisticated look that surely won’t earn you a memo from the HR department.

4. Long Vest

Long Vest
Perhaps it’s time to give your blazer a break. Structured and sleek, this piece can go a long way when it comes to elevating your entire outfit. You can totally wear this over anything, be it a two-piece ensemble or a dress with a shorter length.

5. Ribbed Dress

Ribbed Dress 2
Opting for a dress is – hands down – the easiest way to sort out an outfit. It’s clearly a no-brainer when all you need to worry about is deciding on your shoes. A ribbed dress is on-trend and the fabric can get you through the chilly weather which makes for a perfect choice.

6. Cropped Flares

Cropped Flares 2
If you’re all for comfort, then try a pair of cropped flares. This chic piece can join the rotation, along with your jeans and slacks. Wear it with strappy heels so your ankles won’t look too bare.

7. Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg Pants 2
Still holding onto your slim-fit trousers? Why not try a wide-leg pair to freshen up your look? Wear it on those days when you have to look like the #girlboss that you are as it gives off a more formal, polished appeal a la Victoria Beckham.

8. Mules

When it comes to style and comfort, our shoe of choice is the mule. Once thought to be for the older set, it has made its comeback with a more youthful and sleek look. Slip into these steppers when you simply can’t be bothered to wear those stiletto pumps.


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