Wednesday, 7 December 2016


When I saw these Brian Atwood Flower Sandals {on sale in white for $860} I fell head over heels and then immediately thought about my DIY Flower Hair Clips I made specifically as decorations for my Christmas tree last year. I couldn’t resist whipping up my own pair because it was just too easy! Even if you’re starting from scratch, this project is simple and really offers so much bang for your buck. I think these would be the perfect wedding shoes in white or color coordinating with your maids… and finding a pair of satin ankle strap sandals is a cinch right now! {this pair already has a bedazzled heel!}

Since I already had my flower clips made and hanging on my cow skull above my mantel, I simply pulled a few off and clipped them on the straps of my Jean-Michel Cazabat sandals. You could also simply use self-adhesive velcro, elastic and/or ribbons or strings to tie the flowers on to achieve this look. If you’re not worried about being able to wear your sandals without your flowers, like I am, you can simply glue your flowers directly to your shoes using a hot glue gun or mod podge.

Simply clip them on the outer ankle straps… or glue, tie, elastic, however you choose to. So simple and so pretty! Embellish the heel with mod podge and glitter or with tiny crystals for pretty wedding shoes!


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