Thursday, 12 January 2017


DIY 1 black flower ribbons for your boots
A few months ago, I think it was early Summer actually, I was flipping through a magazine and spotted heeled boots with black flowers all over them and fell in love. I initially wanted to DIY them to wear with my heeled boots but I actually like them better now with these shorty Caraby boots by Ugg. Though the brilliance of the ribbon is that I can wear them on any boots OR… in my hair, around my waist, or use them as curtain tie-backs or even around my Christmas tree.
Unfortunately I cannot remember the designer or find the magazine I spotted my inspiration boots in, but it took my 30 Days of DIY Challenge to finally motivate me to make them and I love them with my tartan maxi dress by Free People as seen here.

What You’ll Need…

DIY flower ribbons for boots-1
  • Small black flowers
  • Black grosgrain ribbon {in any size you like}
  • Needle/Thread/Scissors
  • Safety pins {or your choice of closure like velcro}
  • Optional: leather {I almost cut out flower shapes but didn’t}


DIY flower ribbons for boots-2
Separate faux flowers from their stems.
DIY flower ribbons for boots-3
Decide how long you want your ribbons, and how many times you want them to wrap around. Your ribbons should lay loosely around the ankles of your boots without touching the ground. Cut the ends on a slant and singe with a lighter to prevent fraying.
DIY flower ribbons for boots-4
With the stem still long, thread a needle through the bottom of your flower, up/over/through the plastic center, and down the opposite side. Do this twice to secure the center, then carefully cut off the remainder of the plastic stem.
DIY flower ribbons for boots-5
Stitch your flowers onto your ribbon… I alternated between edge and center, then opposite edge for texture and variation.
DIY flower ribbons for boots-6
It will look something like this.
flower ribbon-vintage lamp-black drum shade

And… Voila!

tartan skirt-flowers on boots-5
Wrap them loosely around your boots and secure with black safety pins. You can also simply tie them in a knot or bow, use velcro or hook and eye closures instead of the safety pins. I opted for the pins for a little more of a deconstructed look. Note: unless you have straps or buckles to wrap them around, the ribbons will move around as you walk. They should look cute from every angle but you don’t want them slipping up your leg, thus the loose wrap.
boots with black flowers
boots with flowers
flower ribbons on boots DIY

tartan plaid dress-black boots with flowers

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