Friday, 30 June 2017


On a hunt for some chunky curb chain to use for another DIY project I had in mind, I found and bought this very thin copper chain of the same shape but very tiny in size. While it’s not right for the original project I had in mind, I think it’s lovely all the same and looks really pretty next to the copper wire I found at the hardware store a few weeks ago. The delicate bracelets and anklets are surprisingly sturdy, even with just bent copper and no closures. I added the pearls for contrast, but it’s entirely up to you…

Here’s what you’ll need…

Rose gold chain I used 3.6mm Flattened Curb Chain
20 gauge Copper wire
Wire cutters
Faux pearls

* Use your wire cutters to snip off a few inches of copper wire.

* String a few pearls or beads on, because it’s easier to do it before you create your design — and make sure your ends are curved in.

* Bend your wire into a design… I created a simple cursive “M” with 3 pearls… trim any excess wire away. ** Notice how my ends are curved IN.

* String the end of your chain through your wire and out to the edge…

* Try it on for size to determine how much chain you’ll need to make a tight or loose bracelet {or double your chain on both sides}

* Snip the excess chain {or use pliers to unlink links if necessary}

* The heart was a simple two-bend.


* Make a tight bracelet…

* Or a loose-hanging anklet.


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