Friday, 4 April 2014

DIY Project : Flamingo Favor Bag

Flamingo Favor Bag DIY

Hi Misyellovers, we're so inspired by this Kate Spade purse and decided to whip up a paper version. We found this tutorial from Oh Happy Day!, and they’ve also included the flamingo template so this the flamigo favor bag is so easy to be made.

White Paper Lunch Bags (6”x 3-5/8”x11”)
Neon Pink Cardstock (8-1/2”x 11”)
Flamingo Favor Bag Template (Front and Back)

Step 1: Print out the Flamingo Favor Bag Template (Front and Back.)
Step 2: Cut out the flamingo body and face.
Step 3: Use a pencil to trace the flamingo body shape onto the pink cardstock.
Step 4: Cut out flamingo body shape.
Step 5: Cut 3”off the top of the lunch bag.
Step 6: Line up the edges of the flamingo body into the lunch bag and glue down.
Step 7: Glue flamingo face onto the flamingo body.
Step 8: Repeat steps for the other side.
Step 9: Fill with treats and give to guests!


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