Tuesday, 21 February 2017


silver diy mesh sandals  - burberry bag

If you pay attention to fashion, I’m sure you’ve noticed the onslaught of simple ankle strap sandals trending lately. It was bound to happen after these last 5 years or so of wild statement shoes. But also, Spring is here and toes everywhere are gravitating toward these easy-to-wear sandals in heels and flats.
A few months ago I found these ridiculously inexpensive ankle strap sandals by Michael Antonio and bought each color they came in. Yes they may have more of a slutty vibe than I’d like but seriously, they are $20, and I couldn’t resist. Even if only to create a fun DIY from, they are completely worth it.
silver sandals diy shoes
DIY leather mesh cuff shoe
I removed the leather pieces from my old silver heels and simply ran the ankle strap through the mesh to create a larger and more unique strap. This is a great example of why I love creating DIYs that are not permanent and easily removable, to use and reuse in new ways. I can also wear them around my wrists with a simple ribbon closure. {though, they could probably use a new coat of paint… and maybe even a silver nail polish would work better!}
Meet my new favorite shoes…
silver strappy sandals heels diy
silver strappy sandals DIY

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