Friday, 28 November 2014

How To Storage Your Shoes

Happy black-friday Misyellelovers :)
We love to see you again on Friday, yee-piiee!
For shoe-lovers like you, Misyellelovers, soon or later you will have one problem :

With more shoes in the mix that means more clutter… if those shoes don’t have a home.  Today we have got 3 great Shoe organization Ideas!
Shoe Storage DIY Ideas

If you love creativity (just like us) you will love this DIY shoe storage. First you ca use PVC pipe, stack PVC pipe using wire for stick it. Second images, you need big cable reels. Paint it and viola!

For you who like utilizing every section of your room, you will like these.

This is the most awesome of all, secret shoes storage on the floor!
We love this one, Misyellelovers. which one do you like most?

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