Wednesday, 24 June 2015


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Kit Supplies:
  • Pre-cut/punched PVC template
  • 20 cone studs
  • Leather adjustable bag strap with gold hardware
  • Screwdriver
If you find your PVC template is at all creased during shipping, we advise that you lay it between two towels and carefully iron on the lowest setting. This will remove any lines.
How to:
1. Lay your PVC template on a table. You will see that there are two plastic cut out sections in the middle of the template. These need to be folded up to create a flat surface in between that will be the base or bottom of your bag.
2. Fold the front and back panels of the bag up and across the short tab, making sure to carefully align the holes. You will note that one edge will be showing of the PVC on the sides of the bag, make sure it is the edge closest to the bag of the bag (adjacent to the flap).
3. Push the screw through from the inside of the bag and secure with the cone stud fastening on top, ensuring you fasten all three layers of PVC together.
4. Do both sides as well as the top of the bag, screwing in the studs to secure.
5. Add the loop by folding in half, pushing a screw through and inserting through the hole left on the side. You will need to push the loop and stud combo down between the two pieces of PVC on the top side of the bag.
7. Attach the handle on both sides by clipping the clasps onto the loops. You may need to squeeze the plastic so the handle can attach properly.
8. Add studs to the front flap of the bag.
9. Finally, carefully tighten all screws with the screwdriver, particularly the screw attaching the loop to the bag. This is very important so your bag can handle the stress of daily use and keep its shape.
10. Feel free to customise with extra studs or chain!

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