Sunday, 13 September 2015

DIY Bag: Alexander Wang The Kirsten Tote

I know this may come as ‘last season’ (this bag was coveted in the 2011 spring) but I was thinking of adapting it for a DIY bag project.
What if I took any of the tote bags I’ve stacked in the dark depths of my wardrobe’s ‘forgotten’ aisle and attached some skinny belts to it? I could even try some multicolored, multitextured ones. Wouldn’t it be fun?
{this is Alexander Wang The Kirsten Tote, images via 12}
could DIY bag Alexander Wang The Kirsten
Actually, here’s a simple diy demonstration I put together to illustrate how you can obtain an equally gorgeous strapped suede tote bag as Alexander Wang’s Kirsten Tote for just a fraction of the price!
…which was around $1,000, biensur!
Alexander Wang strapped Kirsten tote black
I love Wang and the spawning of his fashion talent, but each and every DIY project I manage to craft in the likeness of great designs makes my heart sing. It is, by no means, an offending gesture but a huge thank you for inspiration and a special homage to the original creations I could most certainly never afford.
Alexander Wang Kirsten suede strapped tote
Long story short: in order to make the Alexander Wang Kirsten tote lookalike you’ll need:
{1} a suede tote from Zara ($160)
{2} 6 or more skinny belts (I found some on Amazon for $6.75 each, so $40.5 for 6, you can buy themhere)
{3} glue gun, scissors
diy designer bag Alexander Wang strapped Kirsten tote


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