No matter what occasion, French women always seem like they have everything together; always having that je ne sais quoi that we may never understand. But what makes every French girl look effortlessly cool and at the same time, alluringly sexy? It may be all about the attitude but there are unspoken rules these eternally chic women follow. And because we’re obsessed with all things French— especially their style— we’ve decoded the 5 ways in mastering the art of French-girl style.
1. Stock up on the basics.French women live in basic tees, little black dresses, white button-downs, tailored pants, and black pumps. They never wear anything too flashy and they don’t give in to trends. Classic pieces are their go-to wardrobe pieces and they invest in quality items that will stand the test of time. Purchase at least 10 basic items in you closet that go with everything else you own.
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2. Stick to neutrals but don’t be afraid of a pop of color.Subtlety is their game. The French love their whites, blacks, navies and their browns, but they’re not afraid to wear a pop of color. Be it on their lips, or an accessory, they love a statement piece that adds just the right amount of drama.
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3. Stylish flats are your best friend.They refuse to walk on cobblestones in heels 24/7 so a stylish pair of flats are always in hand. Whether it’s Oxfords, loafers, or embellished flats, find a dressy pair that will add a dash of personality to any outfit.
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4. Embrace the “undone” look.The “I woke up like this” mantra is the ultimate secret to French-girl chic.  They like things a little off-kilter because perfection is not in their DNA. That barely there, au naturel look is their daily dose of imperfection. Add tousled, bed hair to the no-makeup makeup look and you’re good to go.
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5. Less is more.Style-wise, they aren’t the biggest risk-takers. They don’t like to look overdone so they like to wear things on the safe side because they know it works. Whether it comes to beauty or their choice of accessories, less is always more. Just like what Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”
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