Wednesday, 31 May 2017



I bought these Jessica Simpson nude patent heels quite a while ago and would have returned them if there weren’t $50. I figure for $50 I’ll wear them at some point, even if under long pants because I don’t really love how they make my legs look.

I probably wouldn’t buy a pair of ankle fringe shoes but since the idea is so simple, I though, why not? You can make the fringe cuffs smaller …to hit at your actual ankle but I find that sometimes cuts off my leg. The lower swag under the ankle bone elongates the leg a bit and the fringe actually changed the way my legs appear in the shoes and now I’m happy with them.
The one problem I foresee is when I walk, the fringe sometimes gets caught under my heel. Otherwise …LOVE.
*sorry to confuse …should have mentioned. Fringe is beige/ivory …shoes are nude patent with light gold heel.

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