Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Inspired by this pretty furry bracelet/cuff by Edaisyt I found on Pinterest, I thought I’d make my own… but with feathers.
I had a little section of leftover feather trim from The Feather Place after making my DIY Feather Pendant Canopy which is still above my bed in the master, and thought I’d give it a go. The feathers are a bit long, but it makes it dramatic and so pretty. I can imagine it would be better for special occasions or events, but it was simple enough to make with a big impact… and really, it’s just pretty.


furry pink bracelet cuff

Here’s What You’ll Need…

  • Feather trim, fur or faux fur trim, 1-1/2-3″ in length
  • A chain or rhinestone bracelet
  • Strong thread or thin twine
  • Scissors, needle


Run your thread through your feather trim to secure it. This is a good time secure the actual trim as well, if it’s a little loose.
Center your trim with the center of your bracelet and run your thread through a chain or link, and back through your feather trim.
Continue stitching it to your bracelet until the end. Knot your thread, then beginning at the middle again, stitch until you get to the opposite end.
If your trim is long enough to go from end to end, you can probably begin at one end or the other. Mine was a little short so I wanted to make sure it was perfectly even and would wrap around my wrist and hand properly while aligning with the bracelet.

And… Voila!


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