Thursday, 9 June 2016


DIY Pearl collar and sleeve t-shirt
I saw this adorably cute cut-out sleeve and collar/pearl t-shirt on a model on Adam Selman‘s Instagram feed and fell instantly in love… and obviously, my next thought was, I CAN DIY THAT… and so I did. I have no idea who makes it or who the designer is, so if anyone knows, do tell 😉
It’s not that difficult, but it’s not that easy either, only in the sense that to make it look really clean, you have to hand-stitch it perfectly. IF, however, you want a more edgy look, a messy stitch that creates an X and even in an alternate color, may be a better option as well as swapping out the pearls for silver beads or even safety pins for a super fun look.

What You’ll Need…

DIY T-shirt_Cut out_collar_sleeves_with_pearls-materials
* Crew neck white t-shirt, preferably fitted, but not too tight or stretchy; mine is a boy’s large under shirt
* Needle/Matching thread/Scissors
* Pearls… or beads, opt for plastic because glass may be too heavy and weigh it down
**NOTE: You may choose to just do the sleeves in which case, your shirt can have any kind of neckline.


DIY T-shirt_Cut out_collar_sleeves_with_pearls-3
* Lay your t-shirt flat and line up all the seams perfectly.
* Begin with your sleeves, and one at a time, carefully cut from the outside in, right along the cuff seam WITHOUT cutting into the seam. STOP AT THE UNDERARM SEAM so that your cuff is still attached.
* Trim your edges to get a clean look on the seam side.
* For the neck, begin cutting at the top, right past the crew neck seam, leaving the seam intact. Only cut around the front as shown.
DIY T-shirt_Cut out_collar_sleeves_with_pearls-4
* Fold under the raw edges about 1/4″ or smaller and pin in place.
DIY T-shirt_Cut out_collar_sleeves_with_pearls-5
* Beginning at the underarm seam and hiding your knot within, begin carefully hand stitching the edge to create a hem. Be careful not to pull or stretch the jersey while stitching and since you’ll be able to see your stitches, keep them as neat and uniform as possible. Stitch all the way around to the other underarm seam.
DIY T-shirt_Cut out_collar_sleeves_with_pearls-6
* Now that your hems are stitched in place, begin about an inch from the underarm seam and attach your first pearl, carefully hiding the stitches and securing the pearl in place on both the hem side and the cuff side with a needle and thread.
**Follow the same steps for the neckline as well.
DIY T-shirt_Cut out_collar_sleeves_with_pearls-7
* It should look something like this.

And… Voila!

diy pearl cut out tshirt
diy t-shirt-cut out sleeves and collar with pearls
diy t-shirt with pearls
t-shirt diys-cut out neck and sleeve with pearls
diy t-shirt-cut out neck -  sleeves with pearls


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