Thursday, 16 June 2016

How To Wear The Biggest ’90s Layering Trend

You’ve seen (or worn) it in the 90s and now you’re seeing it again on the streets more than ever. Yes ladies, the slip dress over T-shirt is back. Even the Kardashians are keeping up with the trend! Thanks to the revival of the biggest layering trend of the era that brought the major comebacks of chokers and crop tops, your plain white tee can finally take a break from the T-shirt and jeans combo you’ve been sporting too much lately (thanks to the summer heat). But now that the weather is taking a breather, we can finally wear more than just a two-piece ensemble. What we love about this look is how easily you can wear it and how many ways you can style it. It’s effortless, cool, and chic, and we’re hoping it’s is here to stay.
Here’s how you can wear the trend:
A striped tee under your slip dress is a classic.
Don’t be afraid to add another print in the mix.
Pair it with another 90s trend like the choker. If you’re feeling more adventurous, wrap a bandana around your head for a little 90s R&B throwback like Kylie.
Keep it simple with flats and a shoulder bag and you’ll still look effortlessly chic.
Wear a flirty dress with a black turtleneck for a fun yet stylish look.
You can also take this trend formal with a longer, more sophisticated dress and heels.
We love how Kendall Jenner wore her white tee with a full monochromatic look.
You don’t need to stop the layering there. Try it over a pair of cropped jeans and black boots.
Or go sporty with sneakers for on overall comfortable outfit.
If you want a more appropriate look for the office, just add a blazer on top and you’re set!

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