Wednesday, 26 October 2016

7 Easy Halloween Costumes Inspired by 2016 Pop Culture

We’re only a week away from Halloween, and if you still don’t know what to wear this year, we’ve got you covered. With several ideas out in the open, we’re here to help you find a costume that’s inspired by the best of 2016 pop culture— from this year’s hit movies and series to iconic music videos. Because let’s admit it, it’s always thrilling to be someone else for a night and not receive any judgments for it (no matter how wild and strange your costume may be). These pop culture moments widely took everyone’s attention this year, and what better way to attend a Halloween party than to stand out in these popular looks.
Scroll down to check out our list of easy Halloween costumes you can totally wear:
 Snapchat Filters
From unicorn filters to deer filters with cute voice alterations today, we can’t resist not filling up our Snapchat stories with these adorable filters. Spend less time worrying about what your outfit would be and let your face do all the talking with this cute makeup idea. Check out some more Snapchat filter ideas and tutorials here.
Miley Cyrus on The Voice
While many have sported a wild Miley costume last year, here’s a new take on how you can embody her this Halloween. Make a bold statement with a floral denim ensemble just like what she wore during her first season on The Voice. With pieces that most likely already reside in your closet—denim jacket, denim pants and a corset—all you need is to pin flowers to your outfit. Don’t forget braided pigtails to finish off the look!
Ariana Grande In Her ‘Dangerous Woman (A Cappella)’ Music Video 
As soon as this a cappella version of Ariana Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman’ debuted seven months ago, it garnered millions of views on Youtube and we don’t need to wonder why it did. The authenticity in her voice and style are some of the reasons why Ari is at the top of her game. And as per usual, she makes it to the list of Halloween costumes because who wouldn’t want to sport an Ari look on Halloween? All you need are gloves, a black peplum tube, black leggings, sparkly choker, and a DIY bunny mask.
The Kardashians at the Yeezy Launch
There’s always a reason for us to talk about this family on the Internet. Remember when the Kardashians arrived at Kanye West’s Yeezy launch in coordinated pieces? Perfect for your squad, come to a Halloween party dressed in neutral pieces, faux fur, and sparkle. It will totally be a #SquadGoals moment.
Eleven from Stranger Things
          Stranger Things
Stranger Things had been a hit since it aired just a few months ago on Netflix, and what better way to dress up for Halloween than to wear your favorite character from the show? Don’t be surprised to bump into another Eleven or two but that still doesn’t take the fun out off wearing one of the most badass characters on TV this year. Just throw on a blue bomber jacket, a peter pan collared peach dress, knee-high socks, and sneakers to cop her look. (Shaved head optional.)
Katana from Suicide Squad
Forget about Harley Quinn because the villain already ruled Halloween last year. (Nadine Lustre even dressed up as her.) So even though it’s still a popular choice for girls this year, Katana from Suicide Squad is just as feisty. And it’s a lot easier to wear too. Just look for a white crop top, black bomber jacket, leather pants, and combat boots. Then wrap a red cloth around your waist as a belt, a Japanese flag on your sleeve, and paint the mask on your face to make it easier for you just like this.
Beyonce In Her ‘Hold Up’ Music Video
Beyoncé dropped her latest album “Lemonade” a few months ago, and what people have been raving about was not just her trending hits, but her mustard Roberto Cavalli dress. If you plan to go as the Queen Bey, grab yourself a mustard long dress, black floral heels, and a bat. You’ll instantly replicate Beyonce’s look on her stylish “Hold Up” music video.


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