Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to Finally Wear Your Night-Out Clothes to Work

Our party clothes tend to live in the back of our closets and left unused during weekdays. Once Monday hits, we’re back to our  usual proper workwear. But here’s the good news: we’ve gathered ways on how you can pull off wearing your night-out pieces—a.k.a crop tops, sequined skirts, and party dresses—to work and still look professional. Once you discover these styling tricks, your party outfits can finally be considered as ‘work appropriate’. With pieces that are already in your closet like button-down blouses, combining these with your weeknight get-ups will totally give your daily work wardrobe the spice it needs.
Here’s how you can finally make the most use out of your party clothes:
Layering is key. Simply wear your crop tops over your button-down shirts.


You can also try layering a turtleneck with a low-neck top for instant sophistication.

If you have plans on a weeknight, grab a blazer or jacket to wear with your favorite slip dress. This will easily take you from desk to after-work drinks.

If your office is more lenient with work attire, dress down your skirt with a slouchy sweater for the right balance of glam and casual. 

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