Sunday, 2 October 2016


I’ve had these Alberta Ferretti ankle-strap-ribbon-wrap-bow-heels Pinned for ages so I’d remember to do this simple DIY that not only amps up any pumps you have, it’s also functional… it literally straps you into shoes that are either a little too big, slip when you walk, or are difficult to walk in because the heel is so high. We all have a few pairs like that in our closet that we love so much but never wear because of it. This is a simple and fabulous solution, if you ask me… {though I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this genius idea 😉 }
I used a contrasting velvet ribbon so you could really see how easy it is, and I actually love the look of these two colors together, so it worked out. I looked for a matching satin ribbon, but none of my blues worked… which, of course, forced me look elsewhere, and that’s where creativity lies. So, fun. Anyway, do it… it’s perfect for Halloween costumes too!


alberta-ferretti-ss-2014 pumps-with-lace-up-ankle-ribbon-bow
Alberta Ferretti S/S 2014 heels
I’m sure it’s easy enough to tell from the photos, but you basically cut two ribbons, matching in length {of your choice}, pull the ribbon up and under your shoe, close to the heel, pull up, cross over the top of your foot, then wrap around your ankle. You can tie the bow in the back or on the side, or wrap the ribbon all the way up to your knees if you like.
IF you don’t want your ribbon to show on the outside of your shoe {and don’t need it to help keep your shoes on} you can wrap the ribbon around your feet and ankle BEFORE slipping your shoes on and get the same effect.
Also, if you prefer, you can cut the ribbon and glue it to the side of your shoes for a forever detail.

Because SHOES!

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